bucket list

 This is my bucket list, in no particular order. :)

1. Have one of my books be published.
2. Visit La Tour Eiffel.
3. Get an autograph from someone famous.
4. Play a violin concerto with an orchestra.
5. Meet Elizabeth, (Completed 10-18-13) and Nine in person.
6. Do something daring in public.
7. Get a pair of boots.  (Completed 4-8-13)
8. Go to an NFL football game.
9. Be a bridesmaid.   (Completed 6-4-16)
10. Finish my novel. (The first draft is done, now to edit it!)
11. Be in a play or a musical.
12. Grow my hair out really long.
13.  Speak in front of a lot of people.  (Completed 6-14-14, at my sister's graduation)
14. Visit the beach.
15. Meet a WWII veteran.(Completed 5-27-16)

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Aaliyah Marie said...

I don't think I've ever seen this page on your blog! I'm enjoying it. And also, looks like you're gonna be able to check off #9 soon! Literally so excited for you all, and of course, Lauren!

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