Monday, January 28, 2013


We say they're annoying, mean, and that they're always bossy. But then, what on earth would we do without them?

Black Friday shopping 2011.
My crazy sister, Sarah.
Lauren. :)
Yeah, this guy is my brother, Andrew.
This overdose of adorableness? Mary.
Warning: Leave NO iPod unattended.

Just something my sisters and I put together.

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

blog button?

Do you need a blog button?

I'll do one for free! Just comment below :)

~Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

Friday, January 18, 2013

it's an art.

Today I saw an interesting comment by someone. It basically said that photography was not an art, and that is was all in the camera you own.

This person compared it to a frozen pizza. With the click of a button, it's done. You don't have to do any work.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it. A frozen pizza?

Let me tell you. Photography is not easy, and your camera (whatever you may have named it), does not do all the work.

A good photo must have the proper lighting, framing, focus and that touch of creativity and imagination, which doesn't come from the camera.

Think of it this way. If you were an artist who draws things, than a good pencil will certainly improve your artwork. But that doesn't mean the pencil is doing everything.

Same with you and your pictures. A good camera will absolutely improve your photos, but it doesn't mean the camera is doing all the work.

Photography is an art, any way you put it.

There are so many wonderful photographers out there, and their photos aren't amazing just because of the camera they own.

So let this encourage us all to practice even more on our photography. And when you get discouraged (as we all do), just remember that someone thinks its like a frozen pizza. Maybe that will give you a boost of determination, or maybe it will just make you laugh. :)

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

one year today.

On January 10th, 2012, I started on my official "Blogger" blogging journey.

And here I am, one year, 124 followers, and 24,527 page views later.

I just want to say thanks. Because really, I'm shocked that so many wonderful people took the time to actually follow my blog.

Blogging with you all has been so awesome. I've met so many friends.

So thanks for being a Chatty Kathy follower, and I hope you'll stick around another year. :)

~Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)



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