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The Mystery of Lucky Shoe Ranch, Part 3

The boys finished talking to Uncle Sam and went into the kitchen for a small snack.

“Dishes are finally clean,” Aunt Jeanie said, putting away her washtub. “Oh, hello boys. What can I do for you?”

“Well, we were going to have a little snack, but we see you just finished-”

“Nonsense, everybody is always eating around here. Go ahead and fix yourselves something to eat,” she smiled.

The brothers had just finished making sandwiches when the back door flew open. A tall red headed teenager stepped in, letting the cold night breeze sail through the small kitchen.

“Jake, Tom! You’re here!” the boy went over to them and offered one of his large, rough hands.

“Derrik?” Tom asked, grinning.

“The one and only!” he laughed. “Sorry I couldn’t meet you earlier. I was working with the cattle and in the fields all day.”

“It’s great to see you,” Jake said, giving his elder cousin a pat on the back.

Later that night, the boys lay in there beds, reading mystery magazines.

“This is really…..”

“I’m waiting,” Tom said. “I hate it when you start a sentence and never finish it.”

“Scary,” Jake said, still engrossed in the story. Tom rolled his eyes. Blowing out the lamp and snuggling deep into his covers, he said,

“Come on, Jake. My watch says it’s past 9:00. Ranch workers have to go to bed early, you know.”

“All right, I’m blowing.” Jake said, giving a small breath into the oil lamp. He lay in his bed and looked at the open window. The curtains moved slowly, caused by a slight breeze. The bright stars in the western sky shined down gloriously. He was about to close his weary eyes when a dark figure appeared outside the open window!

“Tom!” he frantically whispered. Tom stirred but did not awake. Panicking, Jake nervously watched the intruder step into the room, sneaky as a cat. The man, quite big, carefully maneuvered around the bedroom, unaware of Jake’s watching eyes. The man made a slight noise, waking Tom up. Upon seeing the intruder, Tom slowly turned his head to Jake’s bed. Meeting eye to eye, Tom signaled ‘lie flat’. The robber opened the drawers of the dresser and pulled out some valuable things the boys had and put them in a bag. Tom slowly pulled his covers and off and then jumped on the back of the man. Startled, the man fell to the floor. Then, a serious fist fight erupted. Jake hopped out of bed to join in. Whack! Tom fell hard to the ground, with blood seeping out of his mouth. Jake punched the man in the stomach. Then, he struggled to get the deerskin bag. Finally, after retrieving the bag, Jake tried to stop the man from escaping. But the big man just pushed him out of the way. He hopped through the window, and plunged into darkness.

“Tom, are you okay?” Jake asked, kneeling beside his brother. Tom sat up and rubbed his sore jaw.

“I’m fine,” he said. “We need to get Uncle Sam, now!”

After talking to Uncle Sam, the boys looked around to see if anything had been stolen. Finding nothing, the boys sat in the living room, with the rest of the family. Uncle Sam paced, deep in thought. Aunt Jeanie sat in a chair and nervously twisted her handkerchief. Molly held onto her brother’s arm tightly.

“These thing have got to stop!” Uncle Sam finally exclaimed. “We have to contact somebody.”

“Why don’t we forget about it tonight and get a good night’s rest. We can talk at breakfast tomorrow,” Jake suggested, yawning. Everyone agreed and they all headed back to bed.

The rooster crowed bright and early the next morning. Sunshine greeted the boys as they woke from their sleep. They got up and got dressed, and met the rest in the kitchen for breakfast. Bags and dark lines rested on everyone’s face from lack if sleep.

After a breakfast of pancakes and eggs, everyone went their own way. Derrik headed for the fields, Molly, the stable, Uncle Sam, his office. Aunt Jean started to clean up breakfast.

“Need any help, Aunt Jeanie?” Tom asked.

“No thanks. Now you boys get. Go have some fun!” she shooed. The boys went outside and stood on the back deck. All of the sudden, a voice cried out.

“Jake, Tom!” The saw Molly running towards them. She stopped to take a breath.

“Boys, can you get Daddy? Derrik said he found something in the fields he wants him to see. Hurry!” she panted. Jake ran inside and came out shortly with Uncle Sam. They ran down to the fence that divided the yard from the field. Derrik was on his knees inspecting something on the ground. Molly stood over him. She looked up.

“Daddy, look! It’s boot prints. They’s got a peculiar design, too.” Uncle Sam bent down. There, in the soft earth, was a huge boot print! On the heel of the shoe, was an imprint of a lasso.

“Well, I’ll be. Looky here. These here boots was made by Lassoing Boot Company. THe best boot company in these here parts. I don’t know nobody who wears these kinds……No wait! Ben Sickle, our neighbor, has a pair. Real nice one’s too.” he said, looking towards the ranch about a half a mile down the road.

“You don’t think…” Tom started.

“I din’t know, Tom. I don’t know.”

No more strange things happened the rest of the day. That night, the cozy family sat in front of the big, stone fireplace and had a nice little chat. The fire crackled and the dancing flames made large shadows throughout the room. It was very peaceful and relaxing. Molly’s eyes slowly shut and Uncle Sam’s light snoring made everyone feel at home. Closing his eyes, Jake laid back on the soft couch. Barely heard over crackling flames, a horse’s whinny was heard by Jake’s superb hearing. Opening his eyes, and listening carefully, he heard much more then just whinnying.

“Tom, doesn’t the flames kind of sound loud, for just a small fire?” he asked. Tom shrugged his weary shoulders. Jake got up and walked into the kitchen. A strange glow mysteriously filled the room. Jake knew it wasn’t from the fireplace in the other room. Pulling back the red calico curtains that covered the window, he let out a cry.

The barn was up in flames!

To be continued!

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I got Interviewed!

Hey, everybody!! I hope you have had a good middle of the week!
I got interviewed by Rachel, at Stand Out, Don't Fit In! If you would like to be interviewed, just ask her! And also, please check out Breathings of Your Heart, the writing blog that I started. Rachel is a contributor!

Do not ask me why I am craving this, right now....

Hugs and Berry ice cream,
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Photo Challenge Entry!

I'm entering Aaliyah's photo challenge!! The topic is people. You can enter here!
This is my entry:

I took this picture of my sister Lauren

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)


I'm entering Rachel's giveaway!
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My Day, So Far!

Today has just been gorgeous!! The sky is blue and the grass is green, and boy it sure feels like spring. 

The blue sky and white clouds!
We got my old bike out, and Dad repaired it for Mary to use!
With the training wheels, she got the hang of it really quickly!

Everything suddenly has become so beautiful! Goodbye snow, and grey skies, and cold winds! Hello green grass, blue skies, and slight breezes!!
Our neighbor's tree
There's a tulip in our flower bed!!

What's your day been like?
Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

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New Blog!!

Hey, everyone!!!
I just started a blog for girls who like to write stories!!! Please go check it out and tell me what you think!!! Click Here!

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Okay. I'm in the process of starting another blog thing (I'll tell y'all about that later :-) But I accidentally messed up my template... Majorly... So please, bear with me-again!!!! Ah!!!!!!!
~Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

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Calling All Bookworms!!!

Did the title catch your eye?
So, I'm on the lookout for good historical fiction or mysteries. Maybe you can help me? I'm trying to get in the habit of reading more. I got a novel for Christmas and I'm still not done with it (Yes, it's March :-) So.... that's why I'm on the lookout for some new and exciting books. I really like historical fiction. Do you have any suggestions? What books have you read lately? What did you like/dislike about them? Comment and tell me!
~Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Mystery of Lucky Shoe Ranch, Part 2

Later, the craft carefully maneuvered onto the run-way at Gulf Creek Airport. The boys got off the airplane and headed for a taxi stand. When they found a taxi that wasn’t occupied, they immediately hopped in.

“I had no idea how busy this place would be!” Tom exclaimed. They driver sped off. They drove to the nearest car rental and got a green sports car with a hood.

The brothers drove for four, long hours, along dusty roads that seemed to be deserted. No civilization was for miles. Dust clouds formed all around, covering their shiny vehicle. Finally, ranches started to appear. They saw a particular ranch that caught their attention. A large wooden entry-way read:

Lucky Shoe Ranch

“Tom,” Jake exclaimed. “This is it! We’re here!” The boys pulled up the long driveway and saw a large, ranch style house.  On the front porch stood a man in overalls. He was tall, rather big, and had a bushy, gray beard.

“Jeanie! They’s here! Cousin Tom and Cousin Jake!” he hollered, swinging his arms. Jake grinned. The boys hopped out of the car, gathered the luggage, and met Uncle Sam on the porch.

“I’m so glad you came! Well just look at ya. The last time I saw you, Jake, you were barely walkin’ around. And Tom! My goodness, aren’t we fancy!” he said, pointing to Tom’s sliver belt.

“Tom, Jake! You’re here!” Aunt Jean exclaimed, running out of the house. She was wearing a simple dress, with a flowered apron. He brown hair was up in a bun.

The boys followed their Aunt and Uncle inside. They were immediately charmed. Everything was just like a ranch. A big moose head hung over the fireplace and bearskins on the floor, making it a comfy decor. A small eating area was in the kitchen. Off the living room was bedrooms, and Uncle Sam’s office.

“Well, why don’t y’all make yourselves at home. Your bedroom is right there,” Aunt Jeanie said, pointing to a door in the hallway. The boys thanked her, gathered their luggage, and went through the door.

“Whoa…this is awesome,” Jake stammered, seeing the cowboy themed bedroom.

“I guess every room out west is cowboy themed,” Tom said. Wallpaper with bull riders covered the four walls. Comfy cots sat on the left hand side, while the one door leading to the closet was on the other side. A bright window let in lots of natural light. The boys discovered oil lamps on their nightstands and gathered that there was no electricity.

After unpacking, the boys decided to wash up before supper. Scanning up and down the hallway, neither saw a bathroom.

“Oh, no,” was Jake’s simple reply.  The boys ran through the living room, through the kitchen, and onto the back porch. There, by the barn, was what Jake had been afraid of. An outhouse.

“Great. Just Great.”

“Oh, did I forget to mention we don’t have runnin’ water?” The boys turned to see Uncle Sam.

“Yes, but that’s okay. We’ll get used to it,” Tom laughed. Uncle Sam smiled.

“Molly! Come on over here! I want’cha to meet your cousins!” he hollered. A teenage girl with dark brown braids and overalls came into view. She was in the corral, riding a cream colored horse. She hopped off, jumped over the fence, and ran up to the porch.

“You want me, Daddy?” she smiled, revealing her slightly crooked teeth.

“Yah, sugar. This is Tom and Jake, your cousins. Boys, this is Molly. She’s seventeen.” The boys, used to their Northern ways, were surprised when Molly gave them a handshake instead of the polite curtsy they always received at home. Jake smiled as he rubbed his red hand,

“Her nickname ought to be Iron Ball, not sugar.”

“Pleasure to meet y-” Tom was cut off by a loud holler.

“Come and get it!” Aunt Jeanie yelled.

“Grubs on!” Uncle Sam exclaimed, leading everyone into the kitchen.

After a hearty meal of rabbit stew, the boys went outside to enjoy the cool evening breeze and the lowering sun.

“So, what did you think of the rabbit stew?” Tom asked.

“I tried not to think to much about it,” Jake replied, solemnly. “I’m afraid it might hurt Cotton’s feelings.” Tom laughed as he thought of Jake’s white rabbit back home.

“Jake, Tom, could I see you in my office for a minute?” The boys turned to see Uncle Sam standing by the back door.

“Sure,” Tom said.

When the boys were seated in Sam’s office, he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out an envelope.

“Read this,” he said, handing it to Tom. Jake leaned over by his older brother as Tom opened the jacket.


Sam Benson,

Say one word about what’s been happening at your ranch, and you’ll be extremely sorry. Be careful what you say…Or we’ll be forced to take extremes.

Phantom Spiral

“Is this a joke?” Jake asked, afraid of what the answer would be.
“This is no joke,” Uncle Sam replied, seriously. “In fact, this is why I asked you to come out. I need you help on deciding what to do. I don’t want to bother Jeanie with it, ’cause it just scares her.”

“Who is Phantom Spiral?” Tom asked, still inspecting the letter.

“I’ve got no clue. All I know is whoever he is, he leaves a spiral mark on whatever he sabotages.”

“For instance?”

“Last week he ruined our too shed by fire. He left a spiral on the wooden pieces left. All the neighbors still think it was an accident. It’s getting harder and harder to explain all these incidents to the nosy neighbors around here.

“How many accident’s have you had?” Jake asked.

“Only three. But I’m sure many more are to come. I received the letter last week.”

“Why don’t we wait and see what happens next. If anything more happens that's serious and not just a little prank, we will have to contact somebody,” Tom said, wisely.

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Happy Birthday, Mary!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little sis, Mary!!!!! Today she turns 5!!!! You're growing up way too fast...

Love you!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Every year our homeschool choir and band go to a fine arts competition. It's so much fun!
The day started off by dragging myself out of bed at 5:00 am. Ugh....
We were on the road by 7:00, but it was still pitch black outside! We got to see the sun rise. It was gorgeous!

 The ride was kinda long, but the closer we got the more excited we became!

Me and my friend, Cali
Me and my bestie Makenzie! Sorry for the blurry photo, LOL!
My brother's Elementary Choir (They placed 1st and best of show!)
                                                       This is my choir. We placed 1st!
                                             This is our girl's ensemble. We also placed 1st!
                                                     This is my violin solo. I placed 1st!!
From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., we ran around listening to people perform, and doing our songs. Finally, when every category was done, everyone met in the auditorium for the evening service. The winner of the preaching category had a 10 minute message that was very good. After that, they started announcing the awards and have the best of show people perform in front of everyone. There was one Jr. High boy who was elected best of show who played the piano. Even though this boy got 2nd place, he was chosen to do best of show because of his great determination and amazing talent to play the piece so well. This boy was blind. He played Clair de lune beautifully without the use of his eyes. It was simply amazing. And when he was done, the audience exploded with cheers and clapping and gave him a standing ovation.

The auditorium before the evening service
The day turned out wonderful, and our choir and band had our best year yet!
On the way back, I TRIED to catch some city night pictures. Failure...
Don't ask me what this last picture is... I have no idea! But doesn't it look kinda..... cool?
Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

Some things to catch up on....

Hello, everyone! I have some things I need to catch up on!
On the 7th it was my parent's Anniversary. My dad got my mom the most beautiful roses ever! I just had to take some pics...

Then later that week, my grandparents took us out to eat at Steak n' Shake.

Then yesterday, my family celebrated my dad's birthday, my little sister Mary's birthday, and my great-grandma's birthday!
Mary was soooo excited that we got party hats!
Mary and her princess crown!
Mmm.... my cupcake!!
Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

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Hello, everybody!!
Don't you just love giveaways? They are so awesome :-)
I am entering this giveaway over at Simple Delights!

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The Mystery of Lucky Shoe Ranch, Part 1

Hello, everyone! This is the first chapter of The Mystery of Lucky Shoe Ranch. I hope you'll enjoy it!
~Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

“Jake,” said 19 year-old Tom. “You’re not helping!”

The two teenage brothers were raking leaves in front of their suburban home near New York, New York. Jake Benson, the youngest, was sitting on the porch drinking warm apple cider.

“I’ll help in just a minute,” he said, rubbing his frozen hands.

“Mom wants us to get these leaves raked before she comes back from the store,” Tom said, urging his 18 year-old brother.

“All right, all right,” sighed Jake. He walked over where his big brother was making a pile. Taking his rake, he began to help gather the wrinkled leaves.

“Good afternoon, boys,” said a voice. The boys looked up and saw Mr. Sanchez, the mailman.

“Hi, Mr. Sanchez!” Tom exclaimed. The elderly man walked over to the boys and handed them a stack of letters.

“See you later,” he smiled, tipping his blue hat.

“Bye!” the boys called in unison. Jake leaned his rake against the house and sorted through the letters. He was about to take them inside, when a certain letter caught his attention. Staring at the envelope, he asked Tom,

“Who do we know in Spring Valley, Montana?” Tom walked over to Jake and looked at the letter.

“It’s postmarked Spring Valley, Montana, all right.” Jake rubbed his chin.

“Spring Valley, Spring-of course! I know who!” he exclaimed.

“Who?” Tom asked, puzzled.

“Uncle Sam and Aunt Jean!” he said, ripping open the cream-colored envelope.

“Oh yah, and cousin Derrik and Molly, too!” Tom exclaimed. Jake pulled out a piece of blue stationary and began to read:

Dear Jake and Tom,
How are y’all? Our ranch, Lucky Shoe, has been havin’ trouble. Our handymen have just gone and left us. They just all quit without no reason. Now you know we can’t run the ranch by ourselves, and we can’t afford new handymen. We was wondrin’ if y’all would come and help us out. Just until we can get some more handymen though, ya hear? Come and get a load of some dusty, western air! Can’t wait to see you!
With heaps of love,
Uncle Sam, Aunt Jean, Derrik, and Molly

“Wow, Montana! Do you think we can go?” Jake asked. No sooner had he said this than a loud honk rang through their ears. They turned to see their mother pulling up in the family’s station wagon. The boys jogged to the car with excitement. Mrs. Benson got out of the car with grocery bags filled to the brim.

“Mom! Can we go-ow!” Jake cried. Tom had given him an elbow to the rib. And a look. The boys helped their mother take the groceries inside the house and onto the kitchen counter.

“Oh, grocery shopping is exhausting!” she exclaimed, taking her scarf off her head and running her fingers through her grayish-brown hair. She walked in the living room and collapsed into a chair.

“So what’s your scheme this time?As long as it doesn’t turn out to be like the last idea you had I might let you do it.” Tom chuckled as he remembered what they had done a few weeks ago. They had attempted to fix their dad’s old motorcycle. On a test drive, they ran into the beautiful petunias of their grouchy neighbor, Mrs. McAllen.

The boys handed her the letter and watched her face anxiously while she read it.

“Well, we will have to wait until your father comes home from the office,” she finally said.

The boys were on pins and needles for the rest of the afternoon. Suddenly, they heard the rumble of their father’s old car. They raced out back and met him in the driveway.

“Dad, we might go to Montana!”

“It’d be awesome! Can we go?”

“Whoa, I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Mr. Benson exclaimed. “How about you explain when we get inside.”

Later that evening, at the supper table, the boys’ dad was told about and shown the letter. Since he was sure they could handle things on their own, as they had proved many times, he agreed to the trip.

“It’ll be good for you to get some fresh air and away from the suburbs for awhile,” he had said.

“I wouldn’t call it fresh air Dad,” Tom laughed. “Like Uncle Sam said, we’re gonna get a load of dusty, western air!”

Early the next morning, the boys hopped into the station wagon and headed for the airport. Mr. Benson was at the wheel. Tom and Jake sat in the back, and Mrs. Benson sat by her husband.

“Well, it’s a lovely day for flying.” she said.

“Yah, there isn't one cloud in the sky!” Tom exclaimed, looking out the window.

When they reached the airport, the boys said goodbye to their parents and bought their tickets. They boarded airliner #36 and found their seats. When they had put their luggage away and buckled up, a voice was heard overhead.

“Welcome aboard airliner #36. I’m Captain Martin and I will be your pilot. Each compartment has a flight assistant for your convenience. We want to make this a very comfortable trip. Please buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the trip!”

The boys looked out the window for a while but soon got tired of seeing miles of blue sky. Soon, both teenagers were fast asleep. Later, another voice blared overhead.

“This is your co-pilot, Amber Thompson. Please prepare to land. We will reach Gulf Creek Airport in 20 minutes.”

“Jake, Jake, wake up! We’re going to land soon!” Tom said, shaking his younger brother.

“Wha-what? Huh? What’s going on?" he asked, sleepily.

“We’re going to land in Gulf Creek in 20 minutes.”

“Gulf Creek is close to Spring Valley, right?” Jake asked, stretching.

“After we land, we have to rent a car and drive for about four hours,” Tom replied. Jake sank into his seat.

“Four hours? Where is Lucky Shoe Ranch? In the middle of nowhere?”

“Just about,” Tom laughed.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Snow Christmas, Part 6

            “Hi, kids!” Dad pleasantly greeted us.
            “Hi,” I said.
            “Good news! The roads leading to Clarksville are getting plowed this very minute! By tomorrow morning, we’ll be on our way,” he grinned. Ordinarily, Robby and I would have exploded with happiness. Thoughts whizzed through my mind, trying to find out if I really wanted to go our not.
            “You don’t look to happy,” Mom said. I smiled.
            “Oh we’re happy,” I said. “It’s just…just…” I sent pleading look to Robby for help.
            “Um…” Robby said, stumbling for words. It was the phone that got us out of that one. It rang, giving us just enough time to seek refuge in my bedroom. I quickly shut the door.
            “Robby! We can’t leave tomorrow!” I cried. “It would drive me crazy not to know what’s going on here!”
            “Me too,” Robby sighed, plopping down on my bed. I walked over to the window. Tomorrow at this time, we would be in Clarksville, an hour’s ride from here. I knew that if I ever wanted to know what was going on, I needed to find out fast.  
            Click. I snapped shut my brown leather suitcase and dragged it into the living room. It was the next morning, Mom and Dad were having breakfast, and Robby and I had gotten an early start in packing.
            “Let’s go to the fort one last time,” Robby suggested. I nodded my head and followed him out the front door.
            “Last one there’s a rotten egg!” he cried, taking off. I grinned. I loved a good challenge. I raced and had almost caught up with him, when I saw it. I skidded to a stop. Panting, I looked up and saw that Robby had stopped dead in his tracks too. His eyes were wide with surprise. Sitting in the middle of the fort, was a little boy. He played with the snow, oblivious to the people that stared at him. He had messy blonde hair that shaggily hung over his ears. I took a step forward, but still the boy did not turn. It wasn’t until Robby and I walked right up to him that he noticed we were there. His big blue eyes danced from side to side.
            “Hello,” I said gently.
            “Who are you? Where do you live? Do you have parents? Why are you staying with the mean Stanleys? Did they kidnap you for money?” Robby rambled off question after question.
            “Not so fast!” I exclaimed. The boy just sat there. He looked petrified. And he wouldn’t say a word. No matter how much I told him that we were trying to be his friends, he wouldn’t make a sound. I had just about given up, when a voice rang out that sent chills down my spine.
            “You two! You two!” I turned to see Floretta shouting in the office doorway. The boy shot up. Robby and I frantically warned him
            “Run! Run! Get away from here!” We cried, nudging him. The boy looked as if he might cry. He started to run. Run yes; right into the arms of Mrs. Stanley herself! Robby and I stood dumbfounded as Floretta embraced the little boy and shooed him inside.
            “You ought to be ashamed! Ashamed!” she hollered at us, slamming the office door shut. I sunk into the fort. This was too much for my brain to handle. I was utterly confused.
            Just then, Apartment E’s door flew open and Mom and Dad stepped out, luggage and all. I sighed as Dad piled the suitcases into the station wagon. It was already time to go? Here I had been, wishing all week that we could go to Clarksville, and now I was wishing we could stay a little longer.
            “I’m going to return the key to Mr. Stanley and we’ll be ready!” Dad called. Robby and I got out of our snow fort, and walked over to the car. Dad was just about to open the office door when Mr. Stanley came out. He grabbed the key from Dad’s hand and said,
            “Good! You’re leaving. You’re children ought to be ashamed of themselves,” he exclaimed. “Teasing handicapped children…” he muttered. I gasped. I ran over to where Dad and Mr. Stanley were standing. Mrs. Stanley and the little boy stood in the office doorway.
            “Yes,” Floretta snapped. “I saw how you yelled at him.”
            “Will someone explain what is going on here?” Dad asked, his eyes wide. Oops. I forgot to tell him about this.
            “You mean you’re not kidnappers?” I asked. Mr. Stanley’s eyes grew wide.
            “Kidnappers! Why did you think that?!” he asked.
            “My brother and I just thought…that…well we saw…” I stumbled for the right words. “Who is he?” I finally asked, glancing at the little boy.
            “This is our son, Benjamin, or Benny as we call him,” Mr. Stanley said, motioning for the boy to come closer. “He’s deaf.” I gasped. No wonder the boy had looked so frightened when Robby and I yelled for him to run!
            “Oh!” I exclaimed. “But why did you tell us, Mrs. Stanley that there were no children around?” I asked. Floretta stepped forward.
            “Oh…that. Well, usually all the children that stay here at the motel make fun of Benny,” she replied. She ran her fingers through his messy hair. “It would really hurt Benny’s feelings. They would tease him nonstop, so I kept him indoors a lot. When you asked if there were any children, I became suspicious, I guess. I’m sorry,” she said, toeing at the pavement with her shoe. Robby ran over from the station wagon.
            “So, Benny can’t hear?” he asked. Mrs. Stanley nodded her head.
            “We use sign language to talk to him,” she replied. I smiled at Benny. He smiled back. And there was suddenly a feeling of understanding all around. The Stanleys were no villains, and it was all just a misunderstanding. A wave of relief came over me.
            “Well, we should probably get going,” my dad said, clearly still confused. I laughed.
            “I hope you will come again!” Mr. Stanley called as we got into the car. “And you can play with Benny.” I hopped into the backseat and shut the door. We were finally on or way, ready to have a great Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa. It had been an exciting few days, and best of all, we had met a new friend. Suddenly, I knew what we could do to make this Christmas even better. Robby glanced at me. Were we thinking the same thing? I grinned and hopped out of the car. Opening the trunk, we pulled out Ol’ Blue. We lifted him out, and handed him to Benny. His eyes were wide, and a smile spread across his freckled face. He did something with his hands, which I assumed was ‘thank you’.
            “Merry Christmas!” we exclaimed, getting back into the car. I think I saw Mrs. Stanley dab her eyes as we pulled away in the car. But I couldn’t be sure. As the station wagon sped off down the road, I leaned back in my seat. This truly had been a perfect, snowy Christmas. This year I had been especially thankful for the snow. Not only were we able to have fun in it, but because of it, we met a brand-new friend. I couldn’t wait till next year, when we might have a chance to visit Benny again. I wonder if the roads will be un-plowed next year? J

                                                                   The End

Thanks everyone for you encouragement and all the wonderful comments I received about this story. They are all very, very much appreciated!!!
Kathryn :-D

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Tane's Drawing Challenge!

I am entering Tane's Drawing Challenge #4! The topic is Birthday Cakes. Happy Birthday to Tane!!! You can enter here!
Here is my entry:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Seasons!

I bundle up in my heaviest coat and tie my scarf around my head. I slip on gloves, and boots. I head outside, and immediately the slight wind catches my hair and flaps it around. I gaze up into the sky with awe as tiny snowflakes cover the greyish sky, slowly falling to the ground. I run around in circles, not caring if the neighbors see me and think I'm crazy. I stick my tongue out with delight and try to catch them. I look in wonder as they fall onto my coat and into my hair, so small, yet so perfect. How could a this tiny snowflake, so perfect in detail, ever happen by chance? How could anyone but the perfect God in heaven have made these things?

The laughs of the other kids echo through the backyard as they play games. An airplane goes by, then disappeared into a puffy white cloud. The birds chatter and sing, and fly from tree to tree. I swing back and forth in the hammock, staring at the green treetops and the cute squirrels as they hurry about.  A breeze rustles the leaves and the grass as the sun shines down. Ah, spring. 
The little insects crawl about on the pavement, or dig into the rich soil. I stare at the little black ant. He carries food to his ant hill, and goes looking for more. He has a job, and he does it. Could this creature have been made by chance? No! How could people think this just "Happened"? 

 I walk over to the porch, and sit down in the shade. I take my sunglasses off, and start to unwrap the wonderful thing that is perfect for a hot day. The blue popsicle drips on my chin as I stick it in my mouth. The sun beats down, and shines into the green grass. It sends bright gleams as it reflects off the rippling water in the pool. The beach-ball floats up and down, being carried by the water. I glance over at the garden, and the yummy things that are growing there. The tomatoes, the corn, the beans, the herbs. I smile at how such wonderful things can grow from such a tiny seed. It's planted, watered, and finally it sprouts, and grows into a plant. This neat way of growing food didn't just happen. It was designed by the Creator!!

Ah, yes Fall. The season of crisp winds, pumpkins, fresh apples, and cookouts. The month we celebrate Thanksgiving, the holiday we are to be thankful to God for all that he has done for us. He created this universe, and everything that is in it. Just take a look out your window and see the blue skies and the white clouds and the green trees. He made it all! Don't just thank God for things on Thanksgiving! We should thank Him every single day for all that he has done for us. Make it a challenge to yourself!

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)


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