Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Snow Christmas, Part 4

Without a word to Robby, I shot around the corner of the motel and around front. He followed behind, spilling and sloshing the hot chocolates.
            “Kalin! Now where are you going?” he sighed. I gave a firm rap on the office door. Mrs. Stanley opened the door.
            “Well?” she asked, sharply.
            “You’re Mrs. Stanley, right?” She narrowed her eyes.
            “And what of it?”
            “I just thought you would know if they are any children around here. My brother and I get pretty bored, and we wondered if there was anyone to play with,” I replied.
            “There’s not kids except you ‘round here,” she said, slamming the door. I would have been offended, but I was getting used to the door slamming in my face.
            “Why would she say that when there’s a little boy in their apartment?” Robby broke my thoughts.
            “That’s what I’m wondering,” I said, sitting down a bench near the office door. Robby sat down next to me and handed me my lukewarm chocolate. I began to take a sip. The light steam rose from the liquid as I sipped it.
            Ahuhuhuhuh! I coughed. Robby looked at me.
            “Are you okay?” he asked. I nodded my head, trying to catch my breath. I wanted to tell him the reason I choked on my hot chocolate was because I had just thought of a terrible thing. I gasped for breath.
            “Robby! Do you think-“ I stopped.
            “Could it be-“
            “Surely not-“
            “You doing this on purpose.” I glared at him.
            “Robby, do you think the Stanley’s have kidnapped that little boy?” I asked, fear rising in me every second.
            “They wouldn’t…” Robby’s voice trailed off. “Would they?” The words echoed in our ears and pounded in our heads.
            “But why?” Robby asked.
            “For money, probably,” I replied. “Robby, what are we going to do?”
            “Help that boy,” Robby said, standing up. I stood up too.
            “You’re right. We’ve got to help him get away from these awful people.”


I just barely opened my eyes and lifted my head. Sure enough, Mom and Dad had stopped watching TV and under the crack of my door, I could see that their bedroom light was off. Perfect timing.
            I took off my PJ’s. I had slipped them on over my clothes. I strapped on my shoes, and grabbed my flashlight. I winced as I squeaked open the door. I looked both ways, and went into the living room. It was pitch black. I didn’t dare turn on my flashlight. I just knew if I wondered around the living room, I was bound to run into Robby, who was supposed to be waiting for me, and we’d scare each other half to death. So, I stood still, in the thick darkness. The clocked threatened to drive me crazy. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. Suddenly, I was blinded by a bright fluorescent gleam; otherwise known as the kitchen light. I watched in horror as Robby entered and sat down in a kitchen chair. I ran to the light switch and flipped it off.
            “What do you think you’re doing?” I half-whispered.
            “Turning on some light so I can put my socks on,” he replied, nonchalantly. Brothers.
            “Do you not understand that we’re trying to be quiet and not wake anyone up?” I couldn’t see his face in the darkness, but I was pretty sure what it looked like.
            “Huh?” he asked. I sighed. I turned my flashlight on dim so he could put on his socks. The clock stroked midnight when we finally headed quietly out the back door. We crunched through the snow as the bright stars and moon shined down.
            “Ok, so here’s the plan,” I whispered. “We tap on the boy’s window, and he’ll open it, and we can help him escape.”
            “If he could open the window, he would have escaped along time ago.” Leave it to a smart brother to ruin your perfect plan. I turned around.
            “You’re right,” I frowned. “ But let’s try anyway.”
            We passed all the other apartments, and finally came to the last window. Through the faint moonlight, we could see a blue curtain. I reached up towards the window, and tapped on the glass. Nothing happened. I tried again, a little louder. Finally, I tapped once more, but there was no sign of anyone.
            “Now what?” I asked Robby. “Why won’t he come to the window?”
            “Maybe he’s a heavy sleeper,” Robby yawned. “There’s nothing we can do now, so how ‘bout going back to bed?” Reluctantly, I followed Robby back to our apartment.

            Bright and early the next morning, I hopped out of bed and threw open the shade. A blanket of fresh, white snow had covered the dirty layer that had lay there before. I smiled and raced into the living room just as Robby was heading out the front door.
            “Oh, no you don’t,” I exclaimed, seeing his heavy coat and boots. “Not without me, you don’t!”
            “Oh, but Kalin! It’s a brand-new layer of snow!” he whined. I laughed and sat down at the kitchen table. We loved a new layer of snow. But, I’m sure Dad didn’t like it. The roads still weren’t plowed, and he wasn’t too happy.
            “We may have to go out there with a shovel and scrape our way to Clarksville!” he would say.
            I poured a glass of milk as mom came into the room.
            “I’m going to go to the grocery store this morning,” she said. “But, your dad is going to talk to someone who owns a plow around here, so you two will have to come with me.” Robby shot me a glance.
            “But Mom, we were going to play in the snow fort,” he said.
            “It won’t take long,” she said. And so, we piled in the car after breakfast. We skidded by our snow fort on the way out of the parking lot. Not a single mark was on the newly fallen snow.
            We dropped Dad off at a nearby farmer’s house, to talk about the man’s snowplow. We continued down the slick road, to Mr. Haber’s General Store. Once inside, Mom did her shopping while Robby and I sat on a bench near the front door. We got quite used to the loud clang of the bell above the door whenever customers came in. Or the chi-ching! of the cash register on the counter. Robby and I decided to take a look around the store while Mom shopped. There was a small toy section, and we browsed the things on the shelves.
            “Hey, look here!” Robby let out a low whistle. He pointed to a large red box on the shelf. The box had bold letters that said,
    Giant Sled
        Fast speed and a cool red color
            “It’s neat,” I admitted. “But it’s nothing compared to Ol’ blue,” I said, referring to our beloved sled. Robby nodded his head.
            “I wouldn’t trade Blue for any newer sled,” he replied. I agreed. Ol’ Blue was the best sled ever. I could remember the happy days when we were younger, racing Ol’ Blue down the tiny hill in our backyard. Blue had memories attached to him, and we weren’t about to give it up for some new one.
            The cash register rang out again, and Mom’s voice called out.
            “You two ready?” I grinned at Robby. The fort was waiting. It wouldn’t be long now.  

P.S. I think I finally figured out my new template!! Do you guys like it? Have a great day!
~Kathryn :-)

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godsgirlz1 said...

Your template looks very nice. I wish TCBOTB worked for wordpress.


Kathryn said...

Thanks so much, Godsgirlz1!!! Yes, I do wish TCBOTB worked for wordpress. They have so many cute things!!
Although, LOL, today I made a major boo-boo... :-D I ended up with two templates at the same time!!! It was funny but really annoying because I couldn't figure out how to get it fixed!! My layout is still messed up because of it... And, the font is too big for me. I know you can change it, but when you do, the blog title gets smaller too...
Kathryn ♥

Nine said...

I LOVEEEE your new blog desighn, KG!!!!!
And the Snow Christmas story is just.... I'm speechless!!
You should get it published, I mean it!
Hope you have awesome day,
Nine xxx
PS: I like your new profile picture!!

Nine said...

I think I spelled design wrong....sorry!
Nine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kathryn said...

Oh, thanks, Nine!!! Glad you like it!
Oh, and the story, THANK YOU!!! I don't think its good enough to be published, but I hope to get much better and maybe when I'm older I will have one published!
You have an awesome day too,
~Kathryn :-)
P.S. Thanks!!!! It's almost the same as my other one just in color.

Kathryn said...

Oh, LOL I spell things wrong all the time!!!!!

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