Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog Button Tutorial!

I've been asked a few times how I make my blog buttons. It's a little hard to explain, so I'm going to show you through pictures! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

And yes, this is a test button and not for an actual blog.

Step 1:

Go to Picmonkey.com and upload any normal-size picture.

Step 2:

Go to the left sidebar and click on the "Overlays" icon. It looks like a speech bubble, a heart, and a star thingy.

Then click on geometric, then the black square or rectangle.

A little window will pop up (its on the right of my photo). Change the color to white, or whatever color you are wanting your button to be. Remember, you can't change the color after this. I prefer to keep it white, or a pastel, so I can add darker fonts and such.

Step 3:

Take the edge of your square and drag it, making the square cover the entire photo. Don't worry about going over the edge, because it doesn't matter. Just cover it.

Right above your photo is a toolbar. Click on the one that is shown in the picture. It has two flat layers and an arrow pointing down.

This button will merge the white layer and your photo together.

Step 4:

Go to the left sidebar, and click on the very first icon. Scroll down, then click resize.

Uncheck "Keep Preportions".

Then type 200 in each box. (look at the picture)

Step 5:

Now, I usually don't do this part with my buttons. But with this particular one, I thought it would work well.

Go to the left sidebar and click on the little icon right above them pumpkin one. These are textures, or background type things you can use. I don't usually find one that goes with the button I'm making, but in this case I did.

I needed something that looked like fabric, and they had it under "Weave" I think.

Step 6:

Time for your blog name!

Go to the left sidebar and click on the "P". They give you tons of fonts to choose from. Try to pick a font that matches your blog title font. Look carefully, the very same one might be in there!

Step 7:

I don't usually do this either... LOL! But I thought it would look nice on this particular button.

Go to the left sidebar and click on the second icon. Experiment with all the cool edit tools, and see if you find anything you like!

Then you can go to the the sixth icon on the sidebar, and that has all sorts of borders. I usually use a simple border, nothing fancy. Change the color to match your font or something on your button (mine is just black so I will make the border black too).

And walah! Done! See how easy that is? If you have any questions, just comment below.

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

Monday, October 29, 2012

You Know You're Obsessed with I Love Lucy When...

It's true, I'm obsessed with Lucy. Years ago, my Mema got me the first season of I Love Lucy, and I've been hooked ever since. And yes, I do have all 9 seasons.

I did not write this, but got it from here.
  • Whenever you see a golf game or someone watching golf you feel the great urge to yell out, "Dormie!"
  • You randomly find yourself saying "dun't" instead of "don't."
  • You often find yourself sayinh "dawnsy" when someone asks you, "How are you feeling?"
  • The word "Tropicana" does not evoke thoughts of orange juice,  but more appropriately, a nightclub.
  • You find that you can sing along to every Ricky Ricardo song word for word.
  • Whenever you hear a saxophone playing it sounds like "Glo Worm" to you, even if it isn't.
  • "I tippy tippy toed through my garden..."
  • You keep waiting for "Real Gone With the Wind" to come out.
  • The last name "McGuilicuddy" holds a special place in your heart.
  • The names "Flo Pauline Lopos", "Marian Strong", "Carlotta Romero" and "Joe Harris" all sound familiar to you.
  • You teared up when Lucy and Ricky cried at the end of  Ricky's "We're Having a Baby, My Baby and Me".
  • You have always wanted to stomp grapes with your feet.
  • You have ever wanted a bottle of "Vitavetavegamin."
  • Forget about Tennessee Williams; it's Tennessee Ernie.
  • "623 East 68th Street, Apartment 3D" is more than just an address to you. (If this address was real, then the Ricardos and Mertzes would be living in the East River!)
  • You know how to speak Martian.
  • "The time has come" sounds really familiar.
  • You always wonder who the real Madame X was.
  • Lucy Ricardo wasn't born in Jamestown, New York. She was born in West Jamestown (which, in reality, does not exist).
  • The words "hatchet" and "water cress" go together.
  • Stealing John Wayne's footprints from Grumman's Chinese Theater makes a lot of sense to you.
  • When you think of a nightclub, you do not think of dimly lit lounges with techno music pulsing through it, but Club Babalu.
  • "Black lace blue jeans" rings a bell.
  • You know all the lyrics and the dance steps to Lucy and Van Johnson's "How About You?"
  • You stopped subscribing to TV Guide when they put "I Love Lucy" second on their list of "The Greatest TV Shows of All Time."

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vacation, Part 2

More pictures of the zoo on Tuesday:

Guys!! I want a meerkat soooo bad!! 


Look, he may not be pretty, but I would still take him home.
Look how colorful this bird is!!
A dolphin jumping through a hoop... and he weighs around 500 pounds!
We saw the lions get playful and actually start to 'fight'!

The beautiful botanical gardens.


 That night, we watched a movie called "The Absent Minded Professor", starring Fred MacMurray. And we ate more icecream.

Wednesday, we went putt-putting. :)


And then, that night, I got sick. Yes, with the flu.

But don't worry, it was basically just a 24 hour bug, and Thursday I almost felt myself again. But we still had to cancel our plans to go to a state park and have a picnic (I was gonna take TONS of pictures, since that was "my" day...) but the weather also wasn't cooperating. So instead we went to our park here in my town, so my little sis could play and we could still have our picnic.

Friday we were gonna go to the Symphony, but earlier in the week we found out that the musicians were on strike because of their pay and they weren't gonna have a performance. I'm not gonna say anything bad about them, because after all, I'm a musician too. But whatever.

Saturday, (today), we went to a parade and got tons of candy. No this wasn't considered part of our vacation, but hey, I'd thought I throw that out there.

And here I am, typing all this with a empty skittle pack in front of me.

So, toodles for now, my fellow bloggers. I think I'm gonna go settle down on the couch with a few pieces of candy and continue reading this awesome book.

~Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

Vacation, Part 1

So here I am, on Saturday, with a gazillion photos to show you. I think I better split this into two post so Blogger won't complain.

Monday we went to a nearby old fashioned ice cream parlor. (First three photo credits go to Sarah.)

Do not ask me what I was doing. Cause I really don't know. Just talkin' probably.

I got dreamsicle! :)

On Tuesday, we went to the zoo. It was wet, but it was worth it. Because it was cooler, there were less people and the animals seemed more active!

I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine. And he shall by my squishy.
I was in a building where there was a glass tank, in case you were wondering.
Strange not-sure-if-I'm-in-or-under-the-water picture.
This was really the only guy who wasn't active.
Guys, I want a tiger.
He strangely reminded me of Shere Khan in Jungle Book.

See part 2 for more pictures! 
Later Gators. 
Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Every Step of the Way, Part 5

First, let me say that I am sorry it's been so long since I've posted a part to this story. 
Secondly, I feel like I've been neglecting the "story writing" side to this blog, and I hope to maybe change that soon.
And thirdly, I apologize... yeah. Reading over this story again just kinda made me squint. It's been about a year since I wrote this and I am finding so many problems with it. I'm hoping to finish this up soon so we can move to something else. 

Exactly an hour later, we sailed for the Netherlands. It was a beautiful day for sailing. The wind blew my hair. The sun shined down. We made good time and reached the Netherlands before the sunset.

We dressed in Dutch clothes, so as not to be noticed. We got off the large ship and headed into town.

Richard was residing at a nearby inn. We went inside and found his room. Catherine knocked quietly. The door opened an inch, then all the way.

“Catherine!” Richard exclaimed, pulling us inside. “You’re here!” They embraced, and Richard took Susan from my hands. He kissed her soft cheek. Catherine filled him in on everything that had happened - from the escape to the men who questioned me at Leigh.

“Where to now?” Catherine asked her husband. I could tell she was glad to have him in charge now.

“Santon,” he replied. “It’s in the province of Cleveland. We’ll leave as soon as you’re up to it.”

“Let’s leave soon,” she said. So later that day, Catherine, Richard, the girls and I, and Hugh and Samuel set out for Santon. It would take a long time to walk to Santon. Richard had some money, so we bought provisions and started the long journey.

By the time we had almost reached Santon, it had been two, long weeks. The town was seen faintly below from the road we were walking on. It was getting dark, so we set up camp like we did every night. Richard built a fire, and we made supper. It was dark now, and the only light we had was the glow of the sparking fire.

“Helen? Would you please get some water from the stream at the bottom of the hill?” Catherine asked. I picked up the bucket and started down the pitch-black hill. I could hear the rippling stream nearby. Suddenly, my foot caught on something and I tumbled. Pain shot up my leg. I rolled down and down, gaining speed every second. I screamed and landed with a flop at the bottom of the hill. I lay there, stunned. Catherine and Richard came running down.

“Oh, Helen, are you all right?” Catherine panted, kneeling beside me. I could feel blood on my right leg. It ached terribly.

“Let’s bring her up by the fire so we can see,” Richard said, picking me up. They climbed the hill and sat me down by the warm fire.

“That’s a nasty cut,” Richard said.

“What happened, Helen?” Catherine asked.

“I think I tripped on some briars,” I replied. Catherine carefully went to the stream and got some water with the bucket I had dropped. Richard made a makeshift bandage out of his handkerchief.

“There, that ought to hold,” he said. It stung badly.

“She’s right,” Catherine said, coming up the hill. “There are some clumps of thorns and briars down here.”

That night, I didn’t get much sleep. It was very cold. My leg hurt, and I was very hungry.

We got up early the next day and headed down the road to Santon. I hobbled along, half leaning on Edith’s shoulder. We reached Santon shortly, and Richard led us to an inn. With some of his money, he rented three small rooms. We stayed in the city more than two weeks.

Richard still didn’t feel very comfortable in the town. One day, he said, “I’ve learned about a free city nearby named Wesel. Some French-speaking people have gathered there to escape religious persecution,” he said.

“Are you saying we should leave?” Catherine asked.

“Yes. I have the feeling we are being watched here in Santon,” he said.

“How will get there?” Catherine asked.

“We’ll walk. But I think it would be best if we take only two servants with us,” he said.

“You’re right. It would look strange to see so many people leaving. We will take Helen and Edith,” Catherine suggested.

“All right. Hugh, Samuel, and Agnes can stay here. We will sneak out,” he said.

So that afternoon, we took a pleasant walk outside of town. This was merely a ruse, however. In reality, we were leaving Santon and heading towards Wesel. A mile outside of Santon, a rain began to fall. It wasn’t an ordinary rain, but a cold, freezing rain. It was now February, and there was ice and snow on the ground. The rain started to thaw the ice on the road, making it very difficult to travel. I remember slipping many times, and getting back up, only to fall again. It was hard to see ahead of us because the rain came down in sheets. Richard walked in front, carrying Susan. Catherine walked beside him, wearing his cloak and carrying his sword. We walked on and on, soaked to the bones.

The rain continued to fall. For four, tiring hours we walked, stopping only a few times to rest. It was 6:00, when we finally reached Wesel. I was so eager to finally be able to go inside a warm, dry building. But, I would have to wait. No inn would accept us. We knocked on dozens of doors, but since we were foreigners, no one wanted us. In desperation, Richard found an enclosed porch on the side of a church. He planned for us to spend the night there. Nearby, a man ran down the darkened street, trying to reach shelter from the rain. Richard stopped him.

“Sir, do you know somewhere we could stay?” he asked. The man looked at him funny, and said something in a foreign language. Then, he left.

“I wonder what he said,” Richard sighed. “I think it was Dutch.”

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Blog Button

Hello, dear followers.

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I made a new blog button! Yay! It finally matches my new design. :)

You can grab the code on the sidebar if you want! Thanks so much!

~Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

Monday, October 1, 2012

In Which I Ramble About a Picnic

Saturday, my church had it's annual picnic. Oh yes.

Our picnics always include lots and lots of yummy food, fun activities outside, conversations with your friends, of and of course a football game.

This year, there was a huge bounce house for the little kids to play in.

Mary, of course, just loved it.


My Papa, the pastor, grilled the hamburgers and hotdogs.

Yes, I'm afraid we couldn't resist ourselves, so my sisters and I hopped into the huge bounce house. 

Suddenly, we were 6 years old again.

Our Sunday school class (plus my little bro) ate outside on the new tables! It was a really nice day.

Some people played frisbee golf. No, I didn't play... I'm afraid that my frisbee throwing is pretty wild.

Oh, goodness. My corntoss playing was quite humorous to watch, I'm sure. A few times I forgot to let go of the bag and woosh! It went straight up in the air. Let's just say I got a few laughs. I asked what number we were playing to and one of the boys said "Let's just play until Kathryn scores a point." I'll have you know that I threw that bag into the hole only a few tries after he said that. Not just on the board but actually in the hole. Oh yes.

I didn't get any photos of the football game... but it was great! My team won :) I scored one touchdown! But then, I dropped a few passes too... ehem...

I didn't get to do a lot of good "photography" pictures, but mostly just pictures of people doing games and stuff. I got a few close ups but they weren't very good...


This is my little guy William, who is 4.


I taught William how to play "Patty Cake". He loves the "Roll it" part and also the part where you hug at the end. :)


I've always loved the view from the playground!

Later, Gators!
Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)


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