Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I don't know about you, but I love weddings.

So when my mom asked me to post a picture of my grandparents' wedding so my great-aunt could see it, I got this idea to post a few pictures of some weddings in my family. And for some of them, I uploaded a picture of them now.

Grandma and Grandpa (my mom's parents): Married November 8th, 1963



 Mema and Papa (my dad's parents): Married July 20th, 1968


 Aunt Elaine and Uncle Brian: Married August 15, 1987

That's my mom in the pink dress LOL!

Mom and Dad: Married March 7th, 1992

Left to Right: Mema, Mom, Dad, Papa
(sorry it's blurry)

Uncle Steven and Aunt Erica: Married August 11th, 2001

I'm the little girl sitting on my Mema's lap.

Uncle Danny and Aunt Bree: Married May 2005

See the flower girl? That's me!

Megan (my cousin) and Adam: Married January 2010


The girls and I played music for their wedding!

Levi (my cousin) and Beth: Married August 4th, 2012

We played for their wedding too.
Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

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Nine said...
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Nine said...

Loved the pictures, Kat! So sweet!

I've been having problems with my emails...it won't do anything! It won't compose an email, and I can't even read the last email you sent me! I'll try to figure it out soon, though. (Maybe I should try deleting some of my 1056 emails...?) ;)
So much I need to tell you.

Love you loads,

Hannah said...

How fun! I love weddings ,too!


Liz said...

I LOVED seeing all these old wedding photos, and the new ones, too. All the sweet couples, the beautiful dresses, the suits (wink). :)

I still don't remember that pink dress. Ugh. I'm getting like you.

Braelyn said...

I love looking at old pictures from when my parents got married as well.

Brianna said...

Wow! What a collection! These are so cool!

Ginger Girls said...

Its so neat to see vintage wedding pictures!


Kelly-Anne said...

Wow, what a lovely collection! I love wedding pics - thank you for sharing! I have given you an award at my blog, Beautiful Girlhood...


P.S. My sister also plays the violin:-)

Love and hugs,

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