Saturday, January 24, 2015

to all the young women out there.

A message to all the young ladies out there, including myself:

Don't give your heart to any guy that wants it. Protect it. Keep it. Save it.

I have seen too many girls go through boyfriends like hairstyles. There for a week and *poof* gone.
I don't think dating before a marriageable age is a good idea. It's a controversial subject, I know. But to me, dating is getting to know someone more, with the intent of marriage. You can't really do that at 16, can you?

Our single years are ones that you can never get back. I'm looking forward to meeting the "one" (if he exists; we are not all called to be married) as much as anyone else, but I also realize that is years away. So what do I do in the meantime?

1. Grow close to God. This is so important. God should be #1 in your life, always. This doesn't change when you get married, so why not start now? Spend every day in His word. Pray. Years to come, when my path crosses with that of my future husband, I want him to find me as a mature, godly young woman, serving the Lord and striving to please Him in all I do.

2. Use your talents to glorify Him. I don't want to spend these precious years doing nothing. We should be doing our best in everything (school counts, guys). If God has given you a talent, use it for him. I enjoy being able to serve in the music and children's ministries at our church. I also love to write, and pray that God uses this passion of mine to firstly glorify Him, but also be a blessing to others.

3. Pray for your future spouse. Who knows, he may be praying for you.

We shouldn't worry or fret about our future. Whether we get married or not, our goal in life should be to glorify God, honor Him, and share His gift of salvation with those around us. 

I am reminded of a beautiful song written by William Himes. The chorus is as follows:

All that I am, All I can be
All that I have, All that is me
Accept and use Lord
As you would choose Lord
Right now today
Take every passion every skill
Take all my dreams
And bend them to your will
My all I give Lord for you
I’ll live Lord
Come what may

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6


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Keila Biddington said...

Thanks for sharing(-:
Glad you are back! <3

Celia said...

the have an awesome blog!
check out my blog

Abbey Leilani Chipps said...

I agree with you entirely!! the whole point of dating is marriage!! I hate it when 12 13 14 year olds are talking about there "X's" !!!

Lily Marie said...

So wise. Love this advice. SO encouraging to find smart young ladies out there like you, my dear. :)

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