Friday, January 27, 2012

Book Talk!

Books! Yes, I must confess I'm not the biggest reader around... But I do enjoy a good mystery. I like reading American Girl Mysteries, Nancy Drew, and all that stuff. And if I'm ever to become a writer, I need to read lots of books. Oh, but why does it take so long for me to finish a book? My sister can finish a book in one or two weeks if she wants. Nope, not me. I'll read half a chapter during breakfast and forget about it until a few days later. Sometimes, if it's not too terribly exciting, I'll won't read it for a few months! And then, yes, I'll go back and say "Oh, yah! I never finished that!". Advice of the day: Don't try to finish a book that you haven't looked at for a long while. I kept saying, "What? Who's that? I don't remember him!" And let me tell you, that's a problem.
So, the gist of this is: Don't stop reading a book until you finish it! It can be frustrating to try and jump back into a Nancy Drew book when you forgot what the crime was.
So, I have made a decision. Kathryn, you are going to finish every book you start in the year 2012. Ahhh!!!!! What am I saying? I have a large novel sitting on my bookshelf right now, unfinished. Well, I better get started...
Until next time,
Kathryn :-)

P.S. Please excuse the boringess of no pictures in the post! Our camera is broken! What am I to do? A blogger can't have a blog without a camera!!!!! :-)

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