Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trash to Treasures!

Now I'll admit one thing. When it comes to sewing, crocheting, and all that stuff, I am not very good. I don't sew hardly at all, and frankly the sewing machine scares me. I usually only crochet long strands for my cats to play with, because I can only do a chain stitch. Well, it's a good thing someone else knows a little more than I do.

It was a Saturday, and my mom and I were shopping for clothes and shoes. We were inside a local second-hand store, and I was going through all the clothes. I went through jeans and jeans and jeans and more jeans, hoping to see a skirt in there somewhere. And then, I saw it. I quickly pulled it out and gasped in delight as I realized it was a floor length jean skirt. Which at the moment, was something I didn't have. But, as a gazed at the skirt, my eyes fell upon a long hole right above the knee. I was disappointed. It was fixable, for sure, but how was I to do it?

I took it home, and went searching for some scrap fabric. There was lady-bug fabric, piano key fabric (who knows where that came from!), poppy pink fabric, and poppy orange fabric. There were a few other things, but they weren't going to work. I finally found a strand of brown fabric with flowers on it that I thought was adorable. The only thing was, it was very narrow, and very, very, small. It would just barely cover the hole...

Now of course, I didn't want just a piece of random fabric stuck onto my skirt, so I went online looking for a cut-out pattern. I looked through bunny rabbits, flowers, butterflies, and also cats. But none of them would work. I finally found a small heart shaped cut-out, which I thought might be cute. The little heart obviously wouldn't cover the large hole, however.

The gist of it is, my mom cut out a few hearts with just enough fabric. She did a blanket stitch around the edge, and ta dah! I loved it.
If you find something you like, but it just isn't right, don't be afraid to make a few alterations. Besides, there is such a thing as a stitch ripper.

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Sheean said...

ya'll are so creative and the skirt's new design is nice and unique. love.

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