Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hello, Strangers.

No, I've not been killed in a terrible accident or been kidnapped. I'm still here.

I've been wanting to post, but I really didn't have anything to post about... But don't worry! The county fair starts Sunday, and there will be one zillion photos posted. Have no fear.

Anyway, I have a question.

I usually post story parts on here. I posted one part of Every Step of the Way a long time ago, but I kind of forgot to continue posting it. Would you like me to continue with that story?

Also, I am entering Elizabeth's photo challenge.

 Please click here! Here is my entry.

Later friends,
Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

P.S. If I get 100 followers, I have a new and exciting contest!! Help me get 100!

15 chatty people:

Katherine said...

Don't lie Kathryn! Don't you remember that I kidnapped you and brought you back to my house? hahahaha ;)

Great picture!

I hope you make it to 100 followers!

Jaime Lynn said...

That photo contest looks like lots of fun! Oh, and I awarded you at my blog:

Have a wonderful day!

Joyfully His,
Jaime Lynn

Amelia said...

Beautiful photo! I hope you win!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute blog! You have such a fun personality!! xx

Emma said...

Yes!! You should SO keep posting!! I love the story!! Can't wait to see the rest! You are a very talented writer and photographer!

Laura said...

Great Photo! And yes, PLEASE post the next part, I have been dying to read it!!!
<3 Laura

Hannah said...

Hey Kathryn!
I have a really Really REALLY weird question......on your iPod Touch, have you ever heard of an app called "Tiny Village"? It's a game where you play in your "prehistoric village"? I say that because there's like a thing where you can go and meet other people and see their "villages" and I met someone named "kgrace09" and was wondering--"kgrace"--Kathryn Grace?
Yes, I know I'm asking a really strange question, and it's probably not you, but it would be cool if it was!
Hannah aka CocoPuppy1 [just in case...]

Kathryn said...

Hey, Hannah!
Hm, I've never heard if that game! I'm sorry! Lol it does sound like me though!!!

Hannah said...

No problem, just wondering! Great post, by the way!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for entering, Kathryn! :D Three more followers to go! ;)

<3 Elizabeth

Storyteller said...

Hi, I'm new. :) I love writing stories, too. I think it's so cool that there's actually a lot of people like us who like to write stories!! If you posted the story, could the post the whole thing together so that I could read the whole thing?? Just wondering. Your blog's great!! Just to say, do you like entering contests?? I have some writing contests on my blogs (the links are down below) and I'd love to have people enter, but a lot of people just don't know about them...

Have a great day!!



Kathryn said...

Thanks SO MUCH, for your support, everyone!!! :)

Kathryn said...

Hey, Storyteller!
Thanks a ton for the links! I will check those out!
Oh, It IS so nice to meet other girls who like to write! And you're right, there are a lot of us!
Yes, actually! The story I'm posting at the moment is posted all in one part on my mom's reformation blog. Just go to "My Stories" at the top of my blog, then click on Every Step of the Way and it will take you there!
And yes, I love writing contests!!!!!!!
And thanks so much for liking my blog :)

Storyteller said...

Yep!! No prob!!
Oh, OK, I'll check the story out!!! ;)
That's good!! I hope you enter!!!! I love having people who enter!!
Yep, it's really cool!! I can tell that you've put a lot of hard work into it and that you've figured out a lot about blogging!! Haha, compared to me you're like a pro!!

Storyteller said...

100!! ;)

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