Sunday, August 12, 2012

August Photo-a-day Challenge, Week 2

Yes, I do realize I'm behind. And Yes, I do realize the following photos are really bad, lol! I was constantly forgetting to take my pictures, and then I had to make them up, and they didn't turn out as well as I wanted :( 

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Day 4: Color
Day 5: Little Ones. These are my cousins, Grace and Lily.
Day 6: Water
Day 7: Sky
Day 8: Where I stand. I stand on God's truths! P.S I know this is an awful picture! It looked better on the camera :)
Day 9: Night. This is looking from my bedroom window, and that is a streetlight.

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

2 chatty people:

Rebekah said...

I love those pictures! You did a great job Kathryn.
God bless,

Katherine said...

Great pictures!

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