Friday, August 17, 2012

If You Were My Best Friend

Elisha had this wonderful post, and I asked her if I could do it too!

If you were my best friend, you would know that...

--I am a major night owl. 

--Math makes me very grumpy. 

--I have a major addiction to dill pickles. 

--I don't usually like icecream with 'things' in it. Cookies crumbs, chocolate chips, and everything else can just stay out of my bowl. 

--I love watching and playing sports. I can't say I'm any good at it, but I still enjoy it. Football is my favorite. 

--I adore 100 degree weather. 

--I'm very near-sighted. 

--I try to sing along with Josh Groban on all his high songs. Epic fail. 

--I dream of being an author one day. 

--Blue is my favorite color, then green. 

--I love to act, and can get quite silly at times.

--Bad grammar makes me cringe. Bad spelling makes me cringe. 

--I love clothes shopping. 

--Once, I played my violin in front of 700 people. Oh, did I happen to mention that I was chewing gum and didn't know that my face was on the big screen?

--I can't get enough of I Love Lucy and The Big Valley.

--I have very small feet. I usually wear a size 4. 

--I hate hotdogs. 

--I am extremely talkative, and it may take several tries to get me to shut up.

--I have an adopted duck that lives somewhere else. 

--Getting up in front of people doesn't really bother me. 

--I love a good historical fiction or mystery. 

--Old movies are awesome.

--My hair is as thick as a tree trunk. 

--Curious George is epic. Awesome. And yes, I am 13. 

--I hate tennis shoes. What, you've never played tennis is flip-flops before? You haven't lived.

--I love my state football team. 

--I really like baby-sitting. 

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy) 

P.S. All photo credit goes to Sarah.

11 chatty people:

Ruby J. Plank said...

haha! I like this. OLD MOVIES ARE THE BEST!!!!

Zoƫ said...

Cool! Awesome idea ;) Love the pictures of you!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Love this!! Would you mind if I did something like this on my blog?

Piper LaMore said...

I was going to ask the same. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice post! I enjoyed reading about you, and I loved the pictures, Kathryn! Sarah did a wonderful job taking pictures of you! Have a good one!

Elizabeth said...

Kathryn, you are so cute and pretty.

I hate bad spelling and grammar, too.

I'm a night owl, too!

I hate math...of course! :P

<3 Elizabeth

Katherine said...

haha loved this post!!

~The Keller Girls said...

Love the post! The pictures were great! Hannah LOVES dill pickles too! ( We are all night owls :) (Ruth gets frustrated at math! :)
God Bless!
~The Keller Girls~

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

We sound so alike, Kathy! Let's see...I like my ice cream plain (plain-jane vanilla for me), I talk, talk, talk all the time, my favorite color is blue, bad spelling and grammar makes me cringe, I don't like hotdogs, I want to be an author, math makes me really grumpy, and while I don't like dill pickles themselves, I LOVE dill pickle chips. :D

God bless you!
Joy :)

Kathryn said...

Sure!! Elisha actually thought it up, and I did it because I saw hers!

Nine said...

You are SOOOOOOOO pretty!!!!!!!
Love ya,
Nine xxx

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