Monday, April 29, 2013

some pictures from the past few months.

This was a selfie...

Which was your favorite?

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

P.S. I made a button for Joy (top of my sidebar) and also a code for the button. When I put it into the HTML/JavaScript gadget, it shows up like it is... no code. And when I go back to look at it, it's shorter than when I started. No, folks, I don't think I'm going insane... or am I?

I know that there isn't anything wrong with the code itself, because I pasted my current blog button code into a new gadget and it came up the same way. Any suggestions? Is it blogger or am I doing something wrong?

13 chatty people:

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Fun! :) I love the first ones of your sister. :)

Bless your heart--I'm sorry it's being such trouble! :P Thank you for working on it! :)

God bless,
Joy :)

Kathryn said...

Thank you!

Haha! It's okay. I'm determined to fix this thing. Although there may not be anything I can do about it, since it does that on your blog too... which means it's probably Blogger. :/

Aili said...

I tried to make a button and it did the same thing!!! I spent an hour doing over and over until I gave up. Maybe they changed something on blogger, because we are not going insane!?!

Amelia said...

I love the photos! What kind of camera do you have?

Melody Melone said...

I love the black and white one of your sister sitting on the bench. :) You are such a good photographer! It was so good to look at your post - love 'em!


Kathryn said...

@Aili I know! Let me know if you find out anything...

@Amelia Thank you very much! I use a red Canon Poweshot Digital camera.

@Melody Aw, thank you!! That means a lot. :)

Anonymous said...

Hm... my favs are the violin picture, and the one of grass in the sunlight. Really awesome! :)

I'm not with blogger (at least not yet), sorry. I wish I could help you though. :(

Nine said...

Love the pics of Sarah, and the others are also awesome!
Miss and luv u

Asmita said...

I loved them all,especially the grass one,the black and white,ur selfie shadow :) :)

Sheean said...

sigh. i have a beautiful kindred spirit.

Kennedy said...

Great pictures, can't choose a favorite. I absolutely love your sisters pom pom scarf!

Jessie said...

These are so beautiful.

Isabella Rovirosa said...

Hey, just to tell you (you don't have to publish this comment) I am unfollowing your blog, and refollowing it with my new account. Just thought I'd tell you, so you don't think you lost a follower :)


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