Monday, June 24, 2013

june 17th: my birthday.

Yep, it's true. I am no longer a 13 year-old.

On Friday the 14th, I had my party (sorry if some of the pictures are blurry... my dad says I move too fast)!

My grandpa and my brother, Andrew.
My great-grandma and Mary

A new Haggard book. YAY!
Never seen someone blow candles out of a stack of cookies? You have now!

And I have to include this. I bought this for myself, as a birthday present. I *cough* have to admit that I am a Fred Mertz when it comes to spending my money. But I bought it anyway... Used, that is. It's cheaper that way (see what I mean?!)!

I had a wonderful birthday! :) And I'm now officially 14...

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

10 chatty people:

Rachel said...

thats so fun! I love the flip flops you got!

Katherine said...

Happy birthday Kathryn! I can't believe your 14 already! :D

Isabella said...

Happy Birthday! I just turned fouteen too, love it! Love your flip flops!


Madeline said...

You set a pile of cookies on fire {well, not on fire, but you know what I mean...}? Cooli-O. ;)

Amber Eileen said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful girl! Hope your blessed! :)

~Amber :) (Check out my new blog!)

Melody Melone said...

Happy Birthday Kathy!! Sounds like you had a awesome day! That's so cool you watch Emergency,I sometimes watch it on MeTV (an oldies channel I watch. :) Oh, and you hair is sooooo beautiful!

Kathryn said...

AH! That is like my FAV channel ever.

Aw, thank you!

Kennedy said...

Happy Birthday!! Late birthday that is.

Nine said...

I never even saw this post!!

I already said happy b-day, but happy birthday again, my dear Dory.

Love you tons,
Nemo xo

Liz said...

Adorable pictures, sweetheart. Glad you had a very happy birthday! :)

Emergency... *melts down into chair* xD

*Vulcan salute* ;)

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