Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Take Your Kid to Work Day: April 25

This was supposed to have been written and posted a long time ago. Kathryn, hello, it's June! But my laziness was the reason behind it not being posted... my apologies.

On April 25th, I went to work with my dad! It was so much fun. :) My dad is an IT (that stands for Information Technology) Specialist for our county. In other words, he helps people with their computer problems.

It was really cool meeting all his coworkers and being able to see the inside of the courthouse, where he works. His office is in the basement. I don't think I've ever seen so many wires, guys.

I also got to sit in during court. Now that was cool, even though they really didn't do anything except reschedule each case. But it was still neat. 

Yes, it's supposed to be like that... All those wires are plugged into something.

After lunch, we went up on the roof to look at a security camera that wasn't working. Yes, the roof. Of the courthouse.

(Not my picture)
Okay. So we go through this tiny door, and into this really tiny stairwell. And suddenly we were in this dark creepy area. I seriously felt like Nancy Drew there for a minute. Spiderwebs... creaking stairs... It was awesome. My dad goes, "It get's worse."

And it did. Finally we reach another stairwell. This one actually led all the way to where the clock is, but we didn't go that far. We stopped and climbed through a little doorway and onto the roof.

Oh the view!!! It was SO cool. You could see so far. I was so mad at myself for leaving my ipod in the office. Grr.

Now, I'm not sure if any of you know this, but I have a slight fear of heights. I had forgotten that, too... While it was really cool, I must have looked slightly freaked out, because my dad goes, "Are you okay?" Yeah, just give me a second to stop freaking out.

And the worst part? I was wearing a really long, flowing skirt, and it was super windy. 

We had to go over to the other side of the roof, so he could look at the camera. In order to get to the camera, he had to inch down a sloped part, and be right on the edge of the building. I stayed up at the flat part, holding onto my skirt (LOL),

Even though I don't really like heights (except for their amazing views!!!), I would SO do it again (but without the full skirt).

Finally we had to go back down because it was getting near time for the clock to go off, and dad said it was REALLY loud.

So that was part of my day. It was great being able to spend all day with my dad, watching what he does! :)

~Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

4 chatty people:

Storyteller said...

Sounds like fun!! :)

Nine said...

We've been waiting WAY too long for this, Kat!

Lol, love ya!


Liz said...

Aw, sounds like you had fun! I can just see you, creeping up those stairs. Bet you felt a little like Johnny on top of the roof, yes? (Emergency joke, to people to might read this)

*salutes* <3

Kathryn said...

Ha! I didn't think about that...

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