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Here are a few old tv shows that I enjoy (not in any particular order, except the first which is my favorite).

1. I Love Lucy

What could possibly be better than a crazy New York City housewife who is always getting into trouble? Join Lucy Ricardo, her Cuban husband Ricky, their son Little Ricky and their lovable landlords and best friends Ethel and Fred Mertz, in this EPIC 1950s TV show.

2. The Andy Griffeth Show

Andy Taylor is the widowed sheriff of Mayberry, North Carolina. He lives with his son, Opie Taylor, and his aunt, Beatrice ("Aunt Bee") Taylor." And of course we can't forget his hilarious deputy, Barney Fife.

3. The Dick Van Dyke Show

A show about Rob Petrie, a comedy writer for The Allen Brady Show, along with Sally Rogers and Buddy Sorrel. Also join his sometimes scatter-brained wife, Laura Petrie, and their son, Richie.

4. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

Join the Nelsons (who are a real family), Ozzie, Harriet, David and Ricky, as they face all different kinds of problems and predicaments.

5. Father Knows Best

This is a new show I've gotten hooked on, featuring Jim Anderson, a husband to Margaret and a father of three children: Betty (who you might recognize as "Ellie" on The Andy Griffeth Show), a teenage girl who sometimes hates having younger siblings, but deep down loves them to death, Bud, a young teenage boy who learns to face his problems instead of hiding from them, and Kathy, the youngest, who is slightly spoiled. She is extremely smart and some-what of a tomboy, and can usually be found in overalls playing cowboys and indians outside with the neighbor boys.

6. The Honeymooners

This is a hilarious show about a bus driver named Ralph Kramden and his pretty wife, Alice. They live in an apartment building, along with their best friends Trixie and Ed Norton.

Ralph and Alice fight quite a lot, mostly because of Ralph's temper and Alice's complaining about their run-down apartment.

You can just tell by looking at Ed Norton (guy by the door) that this show is one you must watch. Hilarious.

Yeah, I think Alice is mad in this picture.

 7. Mr. and Mrs. North

Do you like scary and funny shows? This is the one for you.

Mr. Jerald (Jerry) North is a book publisher, living with his young and adventurous wife, Pamela (Pam) North. If not being kidnapped, nearly killed, or being stranded on a stormy night, the Norths live a pretty normal life.

8. The Wild Wild West

This show is the perfect combination of westerns and spies. Follow two Secret Services Agents, James (Jim) West and Artemus (Artie) Gordon, as they go on dangerous missions that almost cost them their lives! (I enjoy all the secret gadgets... Pistols hidden in their sleeves... Knives in their boot heels... Yeah, these guys are experts.)

9. The Big Valley

A mother, her four sons (one of them you don't really see), and her very pretty daughter, all living on a beautiful California ranch. Even though the Barkleys face all kinds of problems, every one draws them even closer as a family.

10. Daniel Boone

This is a mostly fictional, yet terribly exciting show about Daniel, Rebekah, Jemimah and Israel Boone, along with their close Cherokee friend, Mingo.

There are so many other wonderful shows, I am sure, but these are just a few of my favorite! :)

Kathryn (Chatty Kathy)

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Rebekah said...

I have to agree with you about Daniel Boone and Andy Griffith Show, those are awesome!!! Have you heard of the TV series Laredo? That is a really funny one about Texas Rangers.
God Bless,

Melody Melone said...

Yes! I Love Lucy takes the cake every time. I knew about most of those shows, but not all of them. Yep, Oldies are the besties!


Jess Leigh said...

hmmm never heard of any of these; sorry that I have missed out! ;)

Elizabeth said...

Haha! I looove this post. I revel in my oldies. You sounded just like a little commercial, talking about I Love Lucy! :P

I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, and Dick Van Dyke are my faves on the list! And Hazel. Ever watched her?

<3 Elizabeth

Brooke said...

That one girl in The Father Knows Best picture! Isn't she Ellie in the first seasons of Andy Griffith?

Sheean said...

I get happy when the Munsters comes on. :)

Kennedy said...

I love oldies. Especially Brady Bunch and Andy Griffith and Bonanza. I will have to check I Love Lucy out. Happy Valentine's Day!

Lydia said...

The first three you listed are my favorites! Thinking I might have to look up The Honeymooners.

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