Monday, February 25, 2013

the future.

It can be a scary thing, the future.

But we don't need to worry. God knows our future. He has a plan for each one of us, and we just need to trust Him.

Here are some things about the future that have been on my heart lately.

1. It has been such a blessing working in children's church with my grandma. Whether it's singing, saying Genesis 1:1 in french, fetching tissues, gathering crayons, or searching other classrooms for a map, I love every minute of it. 
I love working with kids. 

Henry, the little boy I babysit.

I hope that kids will be a huge part of my future.
There is a special place in my heart for kids with disabilities, whether physical or mental.

I know a little boy who has autism. He seriously is one of the sweetest kids I've ever met. Yet he always pushes himself down, thinking he is unable to do things that I know he can. 

And sometimes he's not the only one who pushes himself down.

I want to hug them all and tell them it's okay. It's okay if it's takes longer for you to understand. It's okay if it's harder for you to speak. Take your time and don't listen to what they say.

They need a friend and that's who I want to be.

2. Another thing that I hope will be a big part of my future is writing. 

I've loved writing since I was in kindergarten. I started off writing mysteries, but when I wrote a story on William Tyndale for school, I found what I really loved. Historical fiction.

I'm am currently working on my first novel.  Now every time I hear the song "It is Well with My Soul", I think I might cry. Because I know what was behind that song. 

These are just two things that I hope to see in my future. But God has a plan, and it could be totally different. Who knows :)

Kathryn, aka Chatty Kathy


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Melody Melone said...

Aw Henry looks so cute! Great post. :) I also hope writing is a part of my future. :)

Kennedy said...

Great post Kathy! I love kids and God has placed on my heart since Kindergarten to be a special need's teacher.

Tangerine-Tane said...

This is a wonderful post! You are definitely right, Kathy, God has our future planned. Since I was five my Mom would tell me that God knew everything about me before I was born, that He already had my life planned. That thought blew me away, as well as giving me fear and respect for Him. It still amazes me. I just have to trust Him.
Tane ♥

Kianna Rose said...

I really enjoyed this post Kathryn!

It's so awesome to rest and know that God has our future all figured out, right?!?

I pray that you can continue to be an encouragement and a blessing to that little boy you mentioned.

You are such a talented writer and if you ask me, I am almost certain writing is going to be part of your future:)

Elizabeth said...

Wow, Kathryn. :D I love seeing people who adore little kids, especially special needs ones.

I think God does have a plan for your writing. You write too well to not have a useful mission for it, no matter how small. :D

Keep loving and writing, Kathryn. I'm sure God will use you greatly. ;)

<3 Elizabeth

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