Tuesday, February 19, 2013

to all violinists.

Disclaimer: If you don't play violin, you probably won't be interested in this post.

When you realize you've got a streak of rosin on your shirt.

When you've always wondered why the end of your bow was called the frog.

You've played your violin like a mandolin or a cello.

When you have to explain to people that playing a C on the piano won't help you tune your violin.

"Double Stops" are two of the scariest words ever.

When you envy cello players to death, because vibrato for them is 10 times easier.

You've ever wanted a stronger 4th finger.

You've always wanted long fingernails, but have never been able to have them.

When you get your piano and violin fingering mixed up. "Is this my first or second finger?!"

A new position is a big deal.

"Martele" "Pizzicato" and "Brush Stroke" are words in your vocabulary.

You've struggled with an out-of-control bouncing bow before.

You get excited when you get to play a harmonic.

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

4 chatty people:

Kennedy said...

I used to play violin and I can totally relate to the rosin on the shirt.

Grace Mattox said...

Oh my gosh... THIS IS SOOO ME! Especially the double stops and playing my violin like a mandolin or cello(: love it!

Elizabeth said...

This made me laugh... 'Cause I didn't understand one sentence!!! :P

<3 Elizabeth

Gabrielle said...

I can most certainly relate, although I haven't been playing the violin for very long. :) Why do they call the end of the bow a frog???

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