Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Earrings and Other Stuff!

Brace yourselves, this could be long.

Well, I was actually talking to sweet Brooke through gmail chat when it happened. My mom came in my room, and sat down on my bed. I was thinking "What have I done?!" But then my sister and my brother showed up in the door way. Okay. 

I suppose I should tell you that my family gives each child a small gift when they 'graduate' from eighth grade. 

So, my mom was like "Lauren got a necklace, Sarah got earrings, so, would you like to have your ears pierced for your present?" I was like "Uh, yeah!!!" 

So, yesterday afternoon, I got my ears pierced. I wasn't nervous at all, but I declare, the lady at walmart wasn't helping. 

"This is just the wipe, sweetie. We're gonna clean you're ear okay?" 

"This is just the pen, honey,  I'm just gonna mark it okay? This isn't it yet."

"Okay, this is gonna sting a little, okay? This is what happens." And she showed me the little gun and how it worked. Okay, seriously. Just pierce them please? 

And it doesn't help when your mother and two other jewelry ladies are staring at you while the other worker prepares to pierce them. Let's just say it was extremely hard to keep a straight face. 

Finally, they were done. Sure, they hurt a little but it was awesome. Over and over again the lady kept asking me if I was okay. 

Anyway, here's a picture!

And so, today has been a cleaning day (don't look so shocked, I told you this wouldn't be all about earrings). My mom and brother have been sorting out the garage and old clothes. My dad had taken the van back to work after lunch, so my mom could have the truck in case she wanted to donate some of the things we didn't need. 

My mom ended up decided she wanted to do a yard sale instead. So, we didn't need the truck after all. However, I have violin lessons on Tuesdays, and it was a sight to see me and my mom pile into the truck along with my violin and bag of music. 

The truck is a stick shift. Nugh said. Let's just say my mom is a little rusty? It's was a bumpy ride. Especially when she went full force over a large "Traffic Hump". The expression on her face was priceless. 

Tonight my dad has been working in the garden! The sun is slowly setting, and it is really pretty out!

Also, thank you Talia for making my new favicon!!! I love it!!

So, that's what Monday and Tuesday were like for me. Anything new going on at your house? 

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

34 chatty people:

Talia said...

Congrats on the earrings! How cute!

Country God Girl said...

That is so cool that you got your ears pierced! I got my ears pierced on my last birthday.

Kathryn said...


Kathryn said...

Yeah, it was awesome!! Oh, neat!

Anonymous said...

Love that jean skirt!

Kathryn said...

Thanks! I got it at Once Upon a Child, and then my mom put in the patch!

Rachel said...

I loved the whole post! that sounded so fun day!

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Rachel!! Glad you liked it!! It was :)

Sierra said...

Congrats! It only hurt about as much as a shot and was kinda numb for me. Hahha poor you, I can see how that would be nerve wracking. Great pictures at the end there :) Sierra
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
Philippians 4:8

Kathryn said...

Yeah, same for me!
LOL, yeah!
Thanks, Sierra!!

Hannah said...

The time I got my ears pierced has now become a memorable day in our family, because I passed out!

Yes, I passed out when I got my ears pierced.

I am now deathly afraid of needles, and pass out when I get shots or something like that.

But hey, I've got pretty ears ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your ears pierced!!! I remember before I got mine pierced I had to wait FOREVER, it seemed. XD Funny about that lady from Walmart..... :D
Great photos, by the way!
~Hannah (danz4god)

Kathryn said...

Oh, no!!! LOL that is funny (I'm sure it wasn't at the time though!) I have never passed out :)
Oh, I've never really been scared of needles I don't think. I didn't like it, but I wasn't deathly scared either!
Exactly!! It's worth it at the end!!

Kathryn said...

Thanks!! Yeah, LOL!
Aw, thank you :)

Brooke said...

*squeals* They are really pretty.(: Haha when I get mine pierced, you need to come along and hold my hand!:p

Katherine said...

Congrats on getting your ears pierced. :)
I don't plan on getting mine pierced.

Photographer Ruby J. Plank said...

I rebember geting my ears peirced, I was 6 or somthing... The lady at Wal-mart told me I could punch her if it hurt! lol but I didn't! but I hated it... I hardly have any earings! I think you should do the caption contest and writing contest! I can't pick!

Kathryn said...

Hehe, thanks Brookie!!!
Oh, don't you worry baby, I'll be right there for you :)

Kathryn said...

Thanks Katherine!
Aw, really? How come?

Kathryn said...

Haha, that's funny Ruby!!!
I'm thinking about doing both! :)

Katherine said...

It wouldn't let me reply above so I'll do it here! LOL
I just don't feel the need to. Plus it says in the Bible not to pierce your body.
But I still find your earings cute! :D

Kisses! ♥

(come visit me soon!)

Kathryn said...

I understand :)

Kristie said...

Congrats to you! I'm glad you didn't have as bad a time of i as I did! I was totally freaked out, but the woman that did my ears was really funny and encouraging. :D Your earrings are so cute!

♥ Kristie

Nine said...

Hey Kath!

Congrats on getting your ears pierced!
Does it still hurt a bit? You have very pretty ears, lol!
What is gmail chat? I have gmail so if you explain what it is maybe we can also chat :-D

Sorry I haven't commented on your blog lateley, I've been very busy!!

Anyway....will do a post again soon! (I hope)
xxx Nine

Kathryn said...

LOL I'm sure you did fine!!! Yeah, they do TRY (ehem) to make you feel better (epic fail!)

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Nine!!!
Not anymore! They did at first, but now I forget I'm wearing them!
Yes, if you look on the lower left hand side of gmail, there is a chat place. Just type in an email of someone you know (I'm kgrace1999@gmail.com) and invite them to chat. If they accept you can see when they are on or off, and chat if you want.

Oh, that's okay! I haven' been commenting much either!!

Sheean said...

girl you have a lovely smile.
those are some very rather fine earrings too.

Kathryn said...

Aw, thanks Sheean!! That was sweet :)

Marcelle Renee said...

hahaha!! That lady from walmart was somethin else ;D she was hilarious! XD I would have burst out laughing. Your earrings are GORGEOUS by the way!

Kathryn said...

Yeah, LOL!! I almost did!! Especially with them all staring at me!
Thanks girl!!

Joyfull, Emily said...

Congrats! I got my ears percied when I was 10 and my mo and brother wasn't so sure about it :D Well my brother just about fainted and my mom could not dare to look :D

~ Joyfull, Emily (www.joyfullemily.blogspot.com)

Kathryn said...

Haha that's funny!!!

Marcelle Renee said...

hahaha!! XD If I didn't close my eyes or something, I would have started laughing because of all the stares! Ahh you're welcome, ma cherie!

Kathryn said...

Oh, I almost did!!! I just stared right ahead at the sunglasses :)

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