Monday, March 25, 2013

happy birthday, jill.

Happy Birthday to the best violin teacher ever!!

I started violin lessons in 2007. I still remember my first lesson, where I learned all about Mississippi Hop Frog and not to touch your bow hairs.

My first book recital.
December 2012 Recital
Happy Birthday, Jill!! Thanks for all you do :)


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Elizabeth said...

Oh, my goodness! That picture of you at your first book recital is adorable! :D

<3 Elizabeth

Makenzie Burton said...

Happy birthday Jill!!! You are the best teacher EVER!!!! Oh by the way Kathryn.... Se has the I love Lucy theme song or piano!! You might ask her about it!

Kathryn said...

@Elizabeth Aw thank you!

@Kenzie That's awesome!! :D

Nine said...

Aw, Kat! You were SO cute in the second pic!

Love ya

Lady Elinor said...

i've always dreamed of playing the violin, its a beautiful instrument!

Yes, that book is somewhere near the top of my list :) it was well written, i love her love story! haha! have a great day Kathy.

blessings from King Jesus.
Rak Chazak Amots, -Olivia

(yes, my signature says a different name, but i need to change it soon)

Kennedy said...

How sweet and your first book recital picture is so stinkin' cute! Oh and BTW, I used to play violin but my teacher was rude so I quit and have no desire to go back. You are so blessed to have a great teacher.

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