Monday, March 18, 2013


You know, I can be a little weird.

Well, maybe a lot weird.

I suppose it's the writer/always-wanted-to-be-an-actress side of me.

Yeah, that is me being the damsel in distress, locked in her tower, awaiting the rescue of her little cousins, who are princes. The sad thing is, I don't think they did... 

But anyway. I suppose there are a quite a lot of odd little things about me that you don't know... Here are a few:

1. It drives me bananas when people use exclamation points too many times! It gets annoying! It's almost like they are always shouting! You don't always have to act so excited! Calm down!

2. I always talk with my hands. And once, because of that, I burned my finger. Long story.

3. I'd much rather have strawberry cheesecake than cheesecake drizzled in chocolate.

4. *sees Josh Groban in person* "Oh, neat!! It's Josh Groban!!"

    *sees Lucille Ball in person* *SCREAMS, then faints and is rushed to hospital*

5. I adore anything and everything vintage.

Awkward: Sitting and acting like you are laughing when you really aren't.
6. I was super excited when I found out one of Pluto's moons was named Vulcan.

7. If I had a choice of traveling back in time, I would either go to the 1940s or the 1770s.

8. It sometimes take me a year to finish a novel. (NO, not writing one, reading one.) I know, it's so awful. I'm trying to read more.

9. Picture says it all.

10. I LOVE the library.

11. In public, I make silly faces at babies and toddlers when their parents aren't looking.

12. I cackle.

 13. One of my favorite quotes:

"The difference between the right word and the wrong word is like the difference between lightening and a lightening bug." ~Mark Twain

If you're a writer, you'll understand. If you're not, you'll most likely laugh (like the rest of my family did)
Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

13 chatty people:

Kennedy said...

Cute pictures!
1. I hate that too but honestly, I am guilty.
2. I talk with my hands too. People make fun of me. :(
3. You are crazy.
4. Haha
5. Vintage is fabulousness.
6. Haha
7. I would go to the 50's. Poodle skirt all the way baby!
8. Wow. It takes me one to two days depending on how much homework I have.
9. Niiicee... :)
10. Libraries make me so happy. I cannot contain my inner happiness in libraries.
11. Ditto.
12. I think everyone cackles.
13. That is a GREAT quote.

Brooke said...

I totally agree! Like ugh!!!!!!!!!! For real though!!!!

^^sorry, I just couldn't resist.;) One of my pet peeves is "totes", "cray cray", and "lango". C'mon, people. It is totally, crazy, and language. Anyways, that just are so adorable.♥ You are one of the cutest damsels in distress I have seen in my life. I talk with my hands so much; people always make fun of me.=P
Have a {lovely} day, doll.♥

Brittney Ann said...

Great pics & I enjoyed getting to know you better:)

Storyteller said...

haha I don't make weird faces at kids, I just find them staring and smile. =D I'm so sorry..... I do lots of !!!!!! sometimes... =P

Kathryn said...

@Brooke YES!!!! That too. Or "Presh" for precious, or Jelly for jealous. O.o really, folks?

Aw, thanks :)

Kathryn said...

@Kennedy I really appreciate your long comment :) We have a ton in common!

@Brittney Ann Thanks :)

@Storyteller Haha! I have done it too, I admit.
:P lol once I made a kid laugh... he was like only a baby too. Then he pointed his finger at me. I was glad the parents weren't paying attention :P

Melody Melone said...

Nice pictures! Haha, I have to admit, I am guilty of using a lot of exclamation points!!!! :) But only when I'm super excited. I loved the picture of the hat and the purse.. That skirt is so cute!! I love vintage too!

Anonymous said...

I love the library too! That's not wierd... I think... :D I also like vintage too though.

Nine said...

Oh, my dear, silly, odd, weird, awesome, adorable, beautiful best friend. I love you.


Grace Mattox said...

I love this(: We have a bunch in common- especially making funny faces at babies(: lol

Elizabeth said...

Ahahaha... I love this! We're so alike... :P

Vintage was the best one... Adore those photos. ;)

<3 Elizabeth

Marissa said...

ha ha I use a lot of exclamation your pictures so beautiful.

Have great day and God bless

Marissa Kathryn

Libbie Doyle said...

Love the actress pics! :) Very fun!


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