Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Despite the cold weather, Mary and I have still been having photoshoots.

These weren't the best, mostly because Mary's teeth were chattering so much, the photos turned out blurry.

But here you go.

And yes, I did edit these ones... :)

 I told her to spin with the violin.

Mary: "OH, like the girl on-on-"
Me: "Tangled? When she is finally free from her tower?"
Mary: "No! Like the girl on The Sound of Music! With her guitar!"

She posed like this herself... lol

Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

P.S. I had to play a game of Killer UNO for her to wear the tights. Sisters.

14 chatty people:

Layla and Josiah said...

Haha! Those are some great pictures. At least your sister let's you have photo shoots with her at all. Mine? They wouldn't for the life of them:)

Makenzie Burton said...

So cute!!!!!!!!! I love her!!!! She looks and acts just like u!!!!! I can definitely tell she is your sister!!!!!

~Aaliyah~ said...

I still do photo shoots also! Execpt with my new camera, I can`t take it out in cold weather all the time :( But t is pretty much Spring here!
P.S. We need to Google+ chat, or Skype or somin` soon!

Kathryn said...

Yes, we do!! :)

Kara Klarabelle Siert said...

So cute!!! :) Love the Sound of Music comment ;)
And your new blog header thingy is super cool!

Aili said...

She is sooo cute. I try to do photo shoots with my brothers, but all they do is complain, ask for money, or make goofy faces.

Anonymous said...

CUTE! I love her blue hat! :)

Nine said...

Ah, adorable little Mary. Love her to bits!
Great pics, Kat!

Nervous for tomorrow??
You're gonna be GREAT!!!

Love you loads!

Kennedy said...

What a fun photoshoot. I love your comment at the end about having to play killer Uno.... story of my life. "I'll paint your nails if you wear this". {she LOVES having her nails painted} Let's just say my three year old sister does not have the greatest taste in clothes. :)

Ali said...

Aww how cute! She is adorable. My favorite picture is the second one.

BookWitch/DayLily said...

AWW! The pictures are great! And the Sound of Music! I love both those movies, but it's so cute that she thought of Sound of Music and not Tangled. Tell her she is adorable, and tell you that you are a great photographer.

Rachel said...

reading your blog about sisters; makes me want to be in your family!

cute pics! sisters are the best.

--Rachel s

Elizabeth said...

Seriously, Mary is just behond adorable... She's even got herself a little attitude!

Some awesome photos, Kat! :D

<3 Elizabeth

Jess Leigh said...

What adorable pics :)

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