Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day! We had great services, and some visitors too!

My Easter outfit!
My sister's outfiit

After church, my family, Mema and Papa, and the cousins went over to the gym and had lunch. That way, the kids could get all their energy out by running around :-)

My cousin Carson (4). LOVE his shirt!!
Regan (7) trying to hide behind my sis Mary, because she knew I was TRYING to get her picture!
Carter (5) running from the camera (what is with these kids?! Why don't they like their picture taken?!)
The yummy food!
Lauren serving drinks
For dessert, we had Jello Cake!! YUM!!
I hope you all had a lovely Easter!
Sorry for the boringness of just pictures lately... I have been at a loss for inspiration! I am currently trying to think about something to post besides pictures...
Kathryn (aka Chatty Kathy)

6 chatty people:

Grace said...

Ooh! I LOVE your Easter outfit! Your sister's was beautiful, too!

Your Sister in Christ,

Kathryn said...

Oh, thank you so much, Grace!! I am glad you like it :-)

Joyfull, Emily said...

I had a great easter! I love your and sarahs outfits!

memory said...

Jello cake? Never heard of it! Sure does look good :) You look so sweet in your Easter outfit.

Haha, yes I did put red food coloring in our milk for an April Fool's joke :) My dad thought it was pretty funny.


Kathryn said...

What? Never heard of Jello Cake? It's my all time favorite cake. First, you just make a plain white box mix cake. Then, once it's cool, poke fork holes in the top, and pour the liquidy jello down it. Then you put it in the fridge for a while I think. After it's cold, you top it all off with cool whip!! (There might be other steps... I've actually never made it, but I've seen someone make it...)
Thanks :-)
Haha, that joke sounds pretty neat!!!

Kathryn said...

Awesome!! Glad you had great Easter. And thank you!!

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