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The Mystery of Lucky Shoe Ranch, Part 5

 I am sorry it has been a week since I posted a part! Here is Part 5, of Lucky Shoe Ranch!

“Tom? You ready?” Uncle Sam called. They were heading to town to go to the police station.

“Jake has the horses out front. Let’s go!” Tom ran outside with Uncle Sam.

“Wow! Horses?” Tom exclaimed admiring the brown steed he was to ride.

“Everybody rides horses down here,” Uncle Sam laughed. They mounted on the horses and rode until they reached a quaint town of Spring Valley.

“Hey boys, would you mind going to bank for me? I’m going to head to the police station,” Uncle Sam said. The boys nodded their heads and tied their horses in front of the bank. The boys went inside, and was met by an elderly man at the counter. A bright smile was on his face.

“Can I help you boys?”

“Yes sir. We would like to withdraw some money.”

“What’s your name sonny?”

“Tom, sir. But we want to draw from Sam Benson’s account.” The old banker chuckled.

“You know you can’t do that, right?”

“But we’re Sam’s ne-” Jake started. Tom elbowed his brother.

“What did you say sonny? Couldn’t here ya,” the man said, leaning over the counter.

“Nothing, sir,” Jake replied. The boys left the bank and went to their horses.

“Why’d you cut me off?” Jake asked.

“Because I didn’t want to look more silly than we already did. We can’t get the money for Uncle Sam! He has to be there! I should have known that.” Tom slapped his forehead. Suddenly, the brother’s spotted Uncle Sam coming out of the police station. He passed the real estate office, and the general store. Finally, he reached the spot where the boys were standing.

“Are we ready to go? Did you get the money?”  he asked.

“To answer your questions, no and no again,” Jake said. “We can’t withdraw the money you want, unless you’re there,” he laughed. Uncle Sam didn’t laugh. His face curled up and turned red.

“Well, if I have to,” he finally said. They strolled into Rattelton National Bank once more.

“I want to withdraw from my account.” Uncle Sam said, hardly looking at the old man. The banker, didn’t look happy himself. He had a nasty look on his face, when Uncle Sam told him how much he wanted to withdraw. And he hardly spoke a word.

When they were on the road again, Tom asked Uncle Sam a question.

“Why was the banker so cold to you?”

“Mr. Rolley and I have never been good friends. A long time ago, when I wanted to buy the ranch, he wanted it too. I out bought him. Ever since, he’s held a grudge.”

Would Mr. Rolley stoop to sabotaging the ranch so he could get it? Tom wondered, as they rode home.

When they reached home, Aunt Jean came running out of the house.

“Sam,” she cried. “Sam, Mr. Boliff was back. He tried to come in, but I wouldn’t let him. In his fury, he dropped this when he left. Look!” Uncle Sam dismounted and took the piece of paper Jean held.

We’re sure to get the ranch soon. I’m positive they’re going to go to the police soon. When they leave, we’ll just say they sold the ranch to us. Ready to be rich?
Your Phantom Spiral,
“Jean, do you know what this means? George Boliff has been doing all these things! Or at least he’s been behind it all! This is proof!” They all went inside to inspect the letter some more. They sat down at the kitchen table.

“Why would George want the ranch, though? What do you think, Jake? Jake?” Tom looked around.

“Where’s Jake?” he asked. No one had seen him.

Meanwhile, Jake had gone to the outhouse right after Uncle Sam finished reading the letter. When opened the door to leave the outhouse, he gasped. In front of him stood George Boliff!

Taken by surprise, Jake was easily taken by the hands of the strong man and put behind the outhouse. Taking strong cords, Boliff tied Jake up and gagged his mouth. Picking him up, he quickly took him to his horse by the field. Making sure no one saw him, Boliff tied Jake to a horse attached to his. The, they galloped away.

Boliff had been mistaken when he thought no one had seen him. Jake’s older brother stared through the kitchen window as they rode away. He flew outside in terror; only to see the dust that had risen in the air from the fleeing horses. He was too late. They were no where in sight.

A few minutes later, Uncle Sam and Tom were on there way to the real estate agency. There, they asked to see Phil. To their joy, he worked there as well as Boliff. When they stepped into Phil’s office, his face turned a deadly white.

“Tell us where your hideout is! Or we’re getting the police!” Tom exclaimed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he denied. But his face told otherwise.

“Then explain this,” Uncle Sam said, handing him the letter George Boliff had dropped. All of Phil’s confidence drained out.

“I-how did-did you-” he stuttered.

“Just tell us where Boliff is,” Uncle Sam commanded.

“He’s at h-his h-house, sir. On Rustle Cove Lane. It’s white.”

“Tom, go next door and get the police,” Uncle Sam said.

Tom arrived shortly with two officers, both who had been shown the letter. Uncle Sam and Tom left with one of the police officers immediately. They hopped on their horses and rode until they reached a dusty road named Rustle Cove Lane. After riding for a few more minutes, they reached a large white house with brown shutters that barely hung by their hinges. They dismounted and looked up at the two story house. Suddenly, a shot rang out. Tom quickly ducked behind his horse. Carefully looking up, he spotted Boliff in an upstairs window. Another shot whizzed down. This time, it got dangerously close to him. The police officer grabbed his gun and shot at Boliff. But the bullet hit the shutter instead, sending it crashing to the ground. Tom decided to take a chance. He ran past the officer and Uncle Sam, around the side of the house. He turned to the back door and came face to face with a big man guarding it. The man looked at Tom with hatred. Slowly he raised his shotgun. Nevertheless, Tom leaped at him. The last thing Tom saw was a huge fist. Then all went black.

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Joyfull, Emily said...
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Joyfull, Emily said...

I love it! And LOVE the picture of the horse!

~ Joyfull, Emily :P

Katherine said...

I LOVE your story!! It was so good I had to go back to read part 1 and the rest! Post the next part SOON!!!

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Joyfull Emily!!! I'm glad you like it and the pic :-D

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Katherine!!!! LOL I am glad you read it all!! That made me very happy :-D

Katherine said...

Well I can't pass up a good mystery story!! :)
Keep up the GOOD work!

Braelyn said...

I love it. I can't wait for the next one.

Kathryn said...

I LOVE mysteries :-D
Thank you!! I will try!

Kathryn said...

Actually, LOL I have already written this one... So I am just posting the parts!!

Kathryn said...

Thank you, Braelyn!!!

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