Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Mystery of Lucky Shoe Ranch, Part 4

 I am so sorry I haven't been posting these! I totally forgot! If you remember, the last line of the previous story was: The barn was up in flames!

Jake ran back into the living room and yelled ‘fire!’ Everyone jumped off the couch and hurried out back. Sure enough, shooting flames leaped into dark sky. Molly shrieked with fear as everyone around her raced toward the burning building. Aunt Jean grasped Molly’s shaking shoulders tightly. Uncle Sam grabbed some buckets and started filling them by the pump. Derrik and the boys ran inside the barn to get the animals. They grabbed the reigns of the horses and led them to safety. Then, the cows. Soon, every animal was out of the barn and safely by the house. By the fire did not cease. It now completely covered the roof and part of the walls. Molly wiped her brow as she worked the pump. She looked at the animals by the house. Her heart pounded. An alarming thought came to her mind. She dropped the pump handle and raced to the barn. She passed Jake, who was beating the flames with a rag. She passed Tom and the buckets he held. She passed Derrik, who was knelt on the ground, catching his breath. Aunt Jean gasped when she saw her precious daughter running into the flame stricken barn. She screamed with all her might, but Molly bounded on. Uncle Sam cried out.

“Molly! Molly! Molly!” Was all he could say. Reaching the barn, Molly raced through the open doors. Smoke immediately attacked her lungs. Gasping for much needed air, she was forced to her knees. Crawling along the hay floor, she spotted the thing that had made her race into the building. A grey barn cat and her six kittens screamed in in one corner of the barn. But there was no way to reach them except through the crackling flames. Gathering her courage, she ran forward with all her might, landing on the floor on the other side. She choked from the smoke. She reached for the cats, stuffing a tiny kitten in every pocket. She picked up the cat and scurried towards the exit. The barn door was engulfed in flames. Molly heard frightened voices outside yelling as loud as they could. Loud creaking noises were heard overhead, as the roof slowly bent in. Fear paralyzed her, and she stood there, shaking. Derrik couldn’t stand to see his sister be buried alive under the burning beams. He ran into to the barn, and grabbed Molly’s arm. He pulled her out, through the wall of fire that soundly stood in the barn doorway. The roof bent, and with a horrifying crash, caved in. But they were safe; cats and all. Aunt Jean fell to her knees.

“Thank You, dear Heavenly Father. Thank You.”

The next morning, all that was left was rising smoke and some charred wood. Uncle Sam sat down at the table with everyone else. I’ve decided to call-” He was interrupted by a knock on the front door. Opening the door, he sighed. A tall, distinguished man stepped in. He was wearing a brown suit and hat. He carried a folder in his hands.

“Sam, I’m here to make another offer. I heard your barn burnt down last night. I’ll pay you even more now that it’s gone! I was going to tear it down anyway! What do ya say, pal?” he asked.

“Look, Boliff, I’m not interested. You hear?” He said sternly.


“No buts about it. Now, good day.” Uncle Sam shut the door.

“Who was that?” Tom asked.

“His name is George Boliff. He’s a rel estate agent. He’s been asking to buy the ranch for quite awhile now. I almost think I should give in,” Uncle Sam sighed.

“Sam, you don’t mean that!  Why, we can’t move!” Aunt Jean protested.

“I just don’t know what else to do,” he said.

“Call the police.” All eyes turned to Jake. He felt his face turn red.

“I think you ought to call them. It’s better than almost getting killed by a fire, or having everything stolen.”

“But the letter-” Uncle Sam started.

“We can watch for any intruders,” Tom said, agreeing with his little brother. “What do you say?” Uncle Sam rubbed his chin.

“Well, okay. But we must be careful.”

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