Thursday, February 2, 2012


Wow, I'm super excited! Thanks to Tane, I have received my very first blogging award, The sweetest blog award! Thanks, Tane! I'm super excited!

Okay, here's the rules:
1. Post these rules
2. Write 7 random facts about yourself
3. Award 10 other people
4. Oops! I forgot this one the first time :-) Leave a comment on their blogs telling them they've been awarded

Here's my random facts :-)
1. I love dill pickles
2. I want to be an author
3. My pajamas look like a sailor outfit
5. I'm somehow distantly related to Daniel Boone
6. I hate math
7. I love jean skirts!!

So now, I get to award 10 people!!!

Natalia@ The Journal of Natalia Rose
Olivia@ Amusing Me for Eternity
Jess@ Jessie Leigh
Serenity@ Beautiful Girlhood
Kayla@ Love Joy Peace
Kelsey@ LovinHuggin
Nine@ Just Me
Lily Marie@ Lily in His Field
Haley@ Chapter Thirteen
Sarah@ Girl from Ohio

Thanks, everybody!!!!
Kathryn :-)

11 chatty people:

Olivia said...

oh thank you!now when i do this...i can award you!


Kathryn said...

Thanks, girl!!!!
Kathryn :-)

Autumn said...

that's awesome kathryn

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Autumn!! And thanks for following my blog :-)
Kathryn <3

Kelsey said...

Thank u for the sweet comments on my blog....Oh and for awarding me:)

With love,

Nine said...

Thanks soooo much!!!! I don't really know what to do now..... do I just copy and paste my award and follow the rules? Please leave me a comment on my blog.... Your family post was sooo cute!!!!
xxx Nine

Jessie said...

Well done, Kathryn, and thanks so much for awarding me!

Kathryn said...

@Kelsey, You're so welcome!!!
@Nine, OK, I'll comment on your blog!
@Jess, thank you! And you are welcome!
Kathryn :-)

Sarah said...

Thank you so much, Kathryn! How sweet of you! I pray that you and your beautiful family are doing well.

God bless you!

Kathryn said...

Yes, we are doing well, Sarah! It's nice to talk to you again :-)
Kathryn :-)

Autumn said...

your welcome and thanks for following my blog

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